Toy store business so fire to burst

children are the core of the family, to buy toys for their children, adults are willing to spend money. Many friends have seen the hot market opportunities in the toy market. Today, the huge consumer groups of children’s toy market attracts the attention of many investors, venture capitalists, this is undoubtedly the cradle of wealth. So, how to run a toy store? Let’s take a look.

1, a children’s toy store operators are sensitive to the popular market, the animation industry covers a wide range, peripheral products, so in front of the shop, we must first understand the market, such as the most popular animation game and game machine, according to their expertise and market trends, to determine which type the main products for their own, don’t start doing what they are, to slowly accumulate to form scale.

2, a children’s toy store location to follow the young people go, animation is a young person’s "stuff", especially the young people after 80s of last century, their generation who deeply branded "animation complex", and this group of consumers in students. In the children’s toy store, often found the students wear uniforms in general, half of the customers are students, so the best choice in the school, the store near the subway station or large residential areas, commercial street, people must find frequent circulation area.

3, children’s toy store purchase should pay attention to quality, adhere to sell genuine, not just the immediate interests of the picture. Some businesses in order to reduce the cost of operation, to the quality of the product manufacturers who purchase. In the short run, to be more profitable than selling genuine, but in the long run, this is to cut off sources of revenue.

for a toy store owner, master some management skills, can make the business better and better. The operation and management of the toy store has a lot of skills, I hope these toy store management skills can help you. China’s children’s toy industry is a huge potential of the industry, the children’s toy store, master skills, easy to make money.


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Wuhan college students can get up to 200 thousand grants without repayment

Wuhan grants ten million to help graduates entrepreneurship

in Wuhan college students’ Entrepreneurship problem of insufficient funds, the day before, the Wuhan municipal government issued the relevant policy will give financial support to meet the conditions of the venture 5-20 million grant funds after approval by the will, and there is no need to pay.

yesterday, reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social institutions, the city officially launched the project of college graduates entrepreneurship municipal funded projects, from now until October 31st, eligible entrepreneurial projects can apply for funding. The project supported by the city government allocated 10 million yuan to support 2014 college graduates or graduates of college graduates entrepreneurial projects within 5 years, financial support for the project review by each will be given 50 thousand to 200 thousand yuan, and the funds do not need to repay.

In accordance with the provisions of

, the applicant shall be prescribed by the state according to law in the city of Wuhan for business tax registration, legal representative or individual industrial and commercial households without illegal record college graduation year students or graduated from college graduates in 5 years, foreign students in our city business, may also participate in; if it is a partnership, the total capital requirements of eligible graduates of not less than 70% of the registered capital; venture with oriented industry development in Wuhan city or promote employment ability; a complete business plan, sound financial regulations, operation team; entrepreneurial projects have a certain level of technology, mature business model and good market prospects.

venture capital project is divided into 4 levels: 50 thousand yuan, $100 thousand, $150 thousand, $200 thousand. Focus on funding projects in line with the development of Wuhan’s industrial development or promote the employment of College students. College graduates engaged in self-employed college graduates or graduates within 5 years of college graduates, entrepreneurship projects to support the amount of not more than 50 thousand yuan.

for students to declare, employment of College Graduates Work Department of the application materials submitted by the management departments of colleges and universities, employment summary review opinions signed after the unified recommendation submitted to Wuhan talent service center of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship service department.

in various types of Venture Park in Wuhan, science and technology parks, industrial parks or private institutions established in various types of entrepreneurial park applicants, to declare the park.

other enterprises or individual industrial and commercial households that meet the reporting requirements may apply to the people’s Social Department of the place where they are registered.

review of the progress of the project and the results can also be concerned about the Wuhan graduate employment network. Specific matters can also consult the Wuhan talent service center student innovation and entrepreneurship services.

just graduated from college students entrepreneurship is the most important problem is the capital, the Wuhan municipal government for the introduction of individual business

Jing Rong Hui staged agricultural entrepreneurship project financing play

is now not only entrepreneurs aimed at the new stage of agricultural entrepreneurship, investors in various fields have begun to look into the countryside, investment in entrepreneurial projects. You see, the VC is coming.

agricultural entrepreneurs how to obtain capital favor? What investors are optimistic about what kind of agricultural projects? From this fiery, Rong Rong exchange special agricultural roadshow, perhaps to agricultural entrepreneurs have inspired.

and the general breeding cycle model is not the same, Chen Bin brought the "fish farming" project is a new type of composite farming system, the aquaculture and hydroponic cultivation of these two had completely different farming techniques through the ecological design ingenious, achieving scientific Co students.

"in the cultivation mode of aquaponics under the vegetable growth rate is about 2 times of the traditional soil cultivation, rather than fish culture capacity of 600 square meters is equivalent to the traditional way of farming more than 5 acres of water area, so the cost is relatively controllable, cost-effective products." Chen Bin introduction, at present foreign countries have formed a symbiotic food and fish industry chain, but the country is very rare, great potential for development.

but aquaponics is how to achieve self card? Chen Bin explained that fish and vegetables live in a water body, if sprayed on the vegetables pesticides, pesticides will flow into the pond with poison fish. This stupid thing, the farmer is not dry, fish food safety supervisor is equivalent to the entire farm sleepless; in addition, aquaponics vegetable root is the root of aquatic farm, with root vegetable sales, consumers will be able to identify one of the vegetables from aquaponics rather than vegetable wholesale market back recommended

Small entrepreneurs how to do to make money

investment small business people bear the risk is small, the process of getting rich does not have much pressure, but small investors in order to achieve lasting money? The following network Xiaobian a look together.

businesses for sale, some price war go puerile way, some to the customer: fanquan, draw some engage in return, some potential by the media advertising, is trying to bend over backwards but these promotions, It is quite common for effects are not so good. Operating range of business owner, came up with "buy range free wedding video" the showmanship trick, a time attracted many couples come to buy, business is much better than their peers.

provides the convenience for the customer

Lao Li’s advantage of smoked Restaurant

in many of the northeast food delicacy, smoked sauce is a representative of the local delicacy has a history of hundred years in China catering industry, and in the continuous development process has attracted more and more consumers, because there is a huge consumer market, many investors want to invest. Lao Li is currently popular in the hot sauce sauce to join, with the following advantages:

1, smoked sauce store business model, the pursuit of innovative interests:

the new catering creative ideas, the local characteristics of ecological recover the original simplicity + + butter smoked delicacy "into the nationalization of Chinese exclusive produced, delicious, unique flavor, unique characteristics of food and beverage to ensure maximum flavor, consumers become the most favorite and most sought after catering brand.

2, features delicious, simple authentic authentic:

in the fast-food stalls business, delicacy, Roasted Chicken smoked ribs, bone sticks, trotter, pork, meat, chicken wing tips, PigHead hand, broth, big belly, the brain is able to stand the test of time boutique theme restaurant, magical and mysterious smoked sauce culture, let you relive the memories of the most simple the taste of


3, full fool operation, no experience is very easy:

, a traditional delicacy sauce chef catering and other specific limitations depend on management, throughout the first "fool" mode of operation, the operators need not experience, no standard kitchen, no professional chef, no smoke, the whole operation of a fool. The company headquarters for the majority of investors, to provide the entire shop output strategy completed successfully, a full set of output method of the most practical, simple, mature and shop experience based cloning successful mode of operation, so that complex catering business becomes extremely simple.

4, delicious value for money, easy to operate hot:

smoked sauce Ming file fast food can rely on the excellent fast food business advantages, so that every consumer can be happy to enter the store, happy to return, one hundred percent of the repeat shows that the charm of the smoke. Lao Li wife smoked small investment, low operating risk, fast return on investment. In just a few months time, has been in a number of locations has successfully developed outlets and chain stores in many countries, the success of shop management, earned the money overflow, for investors, rather than action.

Harbin Lao Li wife sauce sauce hall address in crescent street, 1109 floor, Harbin road outside the district rich street, No. 132, welcome to join the country to visit!

if you have any questions that you want to consult with Mrs. Li, please leave a message at the bottom of our website, and we will arrange staff to contact you when we see the message.

The first batch of 30 projects in Shanxi college students park

of Shanxi province for the entrepreneurial college students to establish a business park, there is a good business environment, a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, has attracted 30 projects, believe in the policy to help lead, there will be more and more college students choose entrepreneurship.

"one-stop" service business, abundant entrepreneurial resources, open for business students is business door, I believe here, better able to help more students realize the dream of entrepreneurship!


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Ice cream store process is divided into five steps

ice cream adults and children love to eat, open an ice cream store, the market is hot, will be able to make a lot of money. What are the ice cream store opening process? Do you want to invest in business friends, you know? Here follow the small series together to look at the ice cream store shop process.

Second, design and planning. Ice cream store design and planning is also very important, such as the study of the store style, schedule planning and design, price positioning, facade decoration and design, etc.. And then signed a decoration contract.

Third, publicity. First of all, it is necessary to develop a good publicity plan and program, and then implement. Ice cream franchise publicity can be taken online and offline combination of publicity, micro-blog and WeChat can choose online marketing, and the line can be used to distribute leaflets, some form of posters, to attract the attention of the people, will play out its brand influence.

Fourth, trial operation. Ice cream shop open shop trial operation phase can not be ignored, usually about a week. In order to understand the popularity of the product, the defects in the operation, and then make a final adjustment to its operation and positioning.

fifth, official business. The last is the normal business of ice cream franchise store, to provide good services to the consumers satisfied, Muming, back rate increased, the ice cream franchise business booming point the day and await for it!


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Ice cream store process is divided into five steps

ice cream adults and children love to eat, open an ice cream store, the market is hot, will be able to make a lot of money. What are the ice cream store opening process? Do you want to invest in business friends, you know? Here follow the small series together to look at the ice cream store shop process.

Second, design and planning. Ice cream store design and planning is also very important, such as the study of the store style, schedule planning and design, price positioning, facade decoration and design, etc.. And then signed a decoration contract.

Third, publicity. First of all, it is necessary to develop a good publicity plan and program, and then implement. Ice cream franchise publicity can be taken online and offline combination of publicity, micro-blog and WeChat can choose online marketing, and the line can be used to distribute leaflets, some form of posters, to attract the attention of the people, will play out its brand influence.

Fourth, trial operation. Ice cream shop open shop trial operation phase can not be ignored, usually about a week. In order to understand the popularity of the product, the defects in the operation, and then make a final adjustment to its operation and positioning.

fifth, official business. The last is the normal business of ice cream franchise store, to provide good services to the consumers satisfied, Muming, back rate increased, the ice cream franchise business booming point the day and await for it!


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How to highlight the characteristics of kindergarten curriculum

in a large number of chain kindergarten, there are a lot of kindergarten classes are still using the original educational model. In today’s education industry, if the traditional mode of education, if there is no good. With the crisis faced by the kindergarten, investors want to get more wealth, it is necessary to change the way of education, highlighting the characteristics of the curriculum, which is the right way.

first, choose special courses. It can be said that each course is a very promising market, but for children with the chain of potential training courses, should be selected for their own chain of children’s potential training courses, suitable for the local environment of the curriculum.

The market prospect in these characteristics in the course of


Customized personalized wedding low cost market

set up shop such an idea although it is good, but a lot of venture capital is very high, but this is precisely what many investors do not have. For this reason, venture capital has become a barrier to the smooth progress of countless people embark on the road. However, if you choose to provide customized personalized wedding services, investment costs are cheaper, and the broader market, which is worth more entrepreneurs who choose.

market positioning: 80 bride consumption potential amazing

80, population explosion. In 80s the people have now reached the age of marriage, only from the bride will form a market of billions of dollars every year.

this year, wedding get together phenomenon is obvious, a lot of brides to pick up less than satisfied with the wedding and worry. Have a piece of her wedding dress is every girl’s dream, in ancient times, the red scarf can become a girl please press the bottom of the collection.

in the past, the wedding is a luxury consumer goods, not only the price is relatively high, but also affected by the traditional wedding customs and ideas, the wedding market is not great, so many couples are choosing to rent rather than buy a wedding. Now, with the improvement of living standards and changes in consumer attitudes, wedding dress is beginning to enter the young fashion crowd, but also the best time to witness the best moments of life. According to the survey, the bride born after 80s is generally willing to buy wedding, rather than rent.

therefore, the future of wedding consumption from rent to buy the huge market potential. With the new people "to buy a piece of their own wedding" concept gradually spread, data show that in each dress 500 to 1000 dollars, plus accessories and other related industries, only from the bride will form a market of billions of dollars every year.

do not need storefront, you can customize personalized wedding

some of the big wedding photo studio can be customized wedding, large shops also have a wedding dress for sale, but the price is significantly higher. Among them, the high cost of rent and other important reasons. No shop business costs greatly reduced, the price of the wedding is more natural than other places.

"the most expensive" is not necessarily the best, the most suitable is the best! Tailor made wedding shops are a popular selling point. Each to buy wedding dress customers, can get the most suitable for their body shape, color of the dress.

personalized wedding shop earnings analysis

The bride

according to different levels of consumption, the wedding can be divided into type (price 300800 yuan) daughter of a humble family, great lady type (price 8001500 yuan), 2290.

Meijiang three one to create high sales of cigarettes

how to sell a product, almost every consumer will have their own views and opinions, and some people with their own experience to create a higher product sales. In Hubei province Zigui County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Mao Ping Department of the market, there is such a customer manager, with their years of cigarette sales experience and Nei courage, from the downturn in the sales situation in the "tight encirclement", has always maintained good results of the first global sales progress, be worthy of the name in the customer service team. "Iron lady". She is Meijiang. Often mentioned, we will unanimously evaluation: Meijiang engage in sales, there is indeed a set!"

"one stop selling cigarettes"

"director Mei, hello!" In June 13th, Meijiang received the town of Fu Qingsong, director of the construction of the village of Mao Ping’s phone, "Oh, you have a family in the village to do the wedding banquet, to the 20 ” (soft)" is it? OK, I’ll help you!"

these words to the side of the colleagues confused: that ye also sell cigarettes sold to the director of the village to go there?


, also from the "change". Originally responsible for the city of Meijiang films, including the county government, the city’s main road and RO ro terminals and other regions. Years of customer manager career, let her find out the different types of market temper: City cigarette and liquor vendor, high-grade cigarette demand, many varieties of "Yellow Crane Tower" (Ying Hong) (Ruan Hong), "Yellow Crane Tower", "Yellow Crane Tower (hard treasures), Yellow Crane Tower (soft treasures)";. Dock the ship into the frequent movement of the population, "plum (soft yellow)", "Liqun (New Edition)", "clouds (soft treasures)" and other more popular. Therefore, in order to guide, Meijiang will be more inclined to these brands.

2014 in January, Mao Ping Marketing Department of customer managers conducted an internal rotation area, the area is also responsible for the city of Meijiang into the original nine miles. Nine miles is the newly developed industrial park in the county, located in the outskirts of Zigui, most still belong to the rural market. Meijiang feel that the market situation has changed, they have to follow the natural way to change.

now more and more people go out to work in rural areas, relying on the usual single package retail sales increase, is undoubtedly a drop in the bucket. She put 11 administrative village area ran over, found "things" (local local slang refers to weddings and marriage banquet held) the atmosphere is still very strong, so they decided to take this as a breakthrough, to find a new growth point of sale.

but the problem immediately followed: 11 villages, so many villagers, how to know exactly where home to marry a wife, what do birthday? Zhengchou, television broadcast of the sketch in a "do not take improper village cadres" lines gave her inspiration: Yes, the village, the village director is the most natural understanding! You >

Share the speech content of MA in the Roundtable

President Xi and his wife’s visit to the news has been spread in the major news media, their first stop is the United States of Seattle, and to participate in the Sino US roundtable. On behalf of entrepreneurs in China, Ma name impressively, his speech is very moving, it is worth sharing with you.

43 years ago, Nixon visited my hometown in Hangzhou. Hangzhou at that time to a lot of foreign tourists, I was on the junior high school, but the English teacher is our Chinese teacher guest. Adhere to the hotel at the entrance of foreign tourists to do a free guide to practice English for 9 years, I not only mastered some language skills, a better understanding of American culture. Want to come today, there is no normalization of Sino US relations at that time, there is no opening up, it is unlikely to have the current Alibaba.

the two changed my personal fate of the event, with friendly cooperation between China and the United States are inseparable.

Of course, the United States and

Today there is no misunderstanding


The characteristics of the black into business pioneer

said, "black", the first impression may not be too good, but you don’t get me wrong, here the so-called "black", refers to the "black food restaurant", now pay attention to the health care community, believe that this shop will hot business, to help investors to create the most beautiful the future of the future!

edible black food nutritionists advocate "black, coarse food, natural" three dietary health concept. Currently on the market, although there are individual black food. Small investors can open a black food restaurant to fill the market blank".

A, shop features:

1. hit the black color signs. Store sales are mainly black food. Shop name and store decoration can be designed around the black style. The distribution agent varieties: black sesame paste, black, black, black coffee eight eight, black soy milk, rye, black sesame, black millet, black corn, black Glutinous Rice Balls etc.. Sales of homemade varieties: black, black Sugar cane juice squeezed water chestnut juice, black glutinous rice, glutinous rice cake and AI three black noodles, chicken porridge, porridge and black black frog.

2. pass health concept. Black food is the leader in natural food, rich in nutrition. Traditional Chinese medicine theory, the majority of black food is good for health, but also the health concept of medicated diet. The black food and general food for comparison: black food protein is higher than the general food; food fat content is higher than the general plant black food; food fat content is lower than the general black animal food; black food dietary fiber content is higher than that of a similar food; black food in potassium and calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, selenium were higher than those of similar food.

two, open conditions and benefit analysis:

three, open tip:

1. store choice should be in the flow of people in the streets, the best choice at the crossroads, and can choose to close to places of entertainment and leisure, the elderly activity center, schools, restaurants and more concentrated streets. 2 shop decoration, try to choose the black style.

3. in the product price, the price should not be too high, can be made as the main sales of home sales varieties. 4 the main risk comes from food quality problems. Therefore, the store should strengthen internal management, store food must be checked or tested to ensure the safe use of.

How to successfully open barbecue shop experience

in today’s social life, some barbecue shop business is still quite popular, and there are a lot of people are very fond of chowhound for barbecue, barbecue products are very popular in the market, so how to successfully open a barbecue shop in


A, store decoration style of the decoration is a store management style, at the same time, smoke, fire and other special needs grill required, also need to find a construction team experience. Therefore, the decoration must find relevant experience of the company. Barbecue shop decoration should be concise, generous, clean as the theme.

two, apply for a business license business, must first apply for the relevant license. License application is generally divided into two kinds: one is the applicant company license, issued by the trade and Industry Bureau; the other is the capital of the smaller, just apply for the registration of for-profit business, by the local industrial and commercial counties. Most barbecue stores due to the capital is not large, as long as the registration of profit. In addition, to go to the tax authorities for the relevant tax surgery, unified invoice, unless it is allowed to use a unified invoice.

three, the recruitment of staff recruitment staff to have employee card, to the field staff to have identity cards, temporary residence permits, but also have health certificate.

four, procurement of raw materials, appliances and equipment equipment, air conditioning, freezer, grill freezers, dining tables and chairs etc.. A lot of small objects, detailed list of goods than three, reduce costs.

five, and cook with the product category, cost calculation, the launch of the flagship varieties, and then determine the price.

six, try the best opening promotion business a week, familiar with the management, the staff after running in period. Avoid because of poor service, the loss of a large number of tourists. With some work experience, we can open a business to meet a large number of customers. Opening ceremony, to hold some promotional activities. For example, send discount coupons, cash coupons, sweepstakes, etc..

actually for a lot of people in the catering industry, now want to successfully open a profitable barbecue shop, often need to pay attention to the operation of a variety of ways, to the successful operation of barbecue shop, you need a lot of attention to these.


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How to invest in fast profit

now, beauty salon is a ladies frequented place, a large number of consumers, the market clear; so the industry can bring you a very good business opportunities, so has attracted more and more entrepreneurs, I believe we can make it easy for you to get from a lot of benefits, and joined the Institute from the want of beauty business in a quick profit need to master a few points here, then I will for you to explain in detail.

operators in the operation of beauty franchise to learn to provide customers with good service, and recommend good products for them to buy, so as to attract more customers into the store consumption. Finally, the establishment of customer files, storage. When dealing with old customers, to understand each customer they do a variety of projects, and then provide them with good service, so as to ensure that more customers come to spend.

operating beauty franchise, the store staff to do all the preparatory work before the business. In the care of customer care, staff need to prepare all the necessary items will be introduced into the room to enjoy a good beauty care. Beautician needs to introduce the main points of nursing care for customers, so as to make it more convenient to buy.

with the beauty of the heart, the spread of the market, the number of beauty salons are also more and more; and the beauty industry also brought rich opportunities for more and more people, the future development in the market is very good, so I chose to join which can bring you great wealth of space, but a good grasp of some business this beauty can guarantee you from the hospital to join in the easy profit, I hope this can be useful for you.

Working sister opened a sock store monthly income of over million

socks are necessities, the price is cheap, everyone wants to buy. Do you have the guts to open a "sock shop" like a clothing store? Can you promise to open a shop like this? If the store opened in a few thousand dollars a month rent a lot of money, you are not afraid of losing money, was a joke for the silly hat? However, Zhuhai has a smart and bold working sister, but in the city of gold spread out a small five toe socks shop, do not engage in wholesale, retail, only to be able to earn $10 thousand per month! What is her unique way to earn money?

summer Fantasy: dagongmei to store


in Tan Bihui’s eyes, she is not to open a general "sock shop", love fashion she wants to open a "five toe socks shop". Because she learned that Zhuhai is a daughter of a humble family style of the city, here is the most beautiful and romantic atmosphere, and the five toe socks and this coincided with the atmosphere. In order to prove their ideas, she came to the major commercial center and the plaza to explore Zhuhai, found that there are often promotions or outdoor parties, some models often miss performing "where legs Show (show)". After a period of market research, she also found that there is no one in Zhuhai, such as the sale of five toe socks, such as "socks shop,"

The four major options for white-collar entrepreneurs

white-collar workers after a period of work, because of work time and work pressure, many have sprouted the idea of entrepreneurship, but engaged in what industry is to let them confused, here, Xiao Bian will discuss with you together four white-collar business choice.

to don’t want to take any risk but want to taste the taste of business office workers, may wish to try part-time.

now open newspapers, magazines, advertising agency is looking for products everywhere. Some people hold such an instinctive rejection of this kind of advertising, that is a liar, in fact, is not the case. Here also hidden in a mountain of gold, the key is that you have a vision. Select the product agent, the most important thing is to see the development prospects of proxy products. Mature products do not need to advertise the world to find agents, do not advertise will have many agents to come. Ad agency

Stationery franchise stores how to decorate

now is the year the beginning of the season, this time every year, some stationery many parents are ready to learn the need for their children, especially in the gate of the school is very profitable to sell stationery.

The decoration design of the spatial pattern of

the space: place assistant customer need and engaged in related work. There are two conditions: first, confusion with the customer space, one is separated from the customer space.

contact store: commodity space adjacent to the street, customers buy goods on the street, the clerk in the store customer service, and the clerk separated by commodity space.

, closed around the store: three spaces are in store, customers are free to choose goods, roaming, is actually open shelf sales.

the narrow space of the contact store: the spatial pattern of this type of stationery stores, is a traditional form of shops, no customer activity space, customers at the roadside and assistant contact, select and purchase of goods. It has three characteristics: first, the clerk space is narrow; the two is the customer activity area outside the shop; the three is the commodity space in the store.

How much money to invest in a Shu world hot and sour powder shop in Chongqing

how many Chinese cuisine, which is a variety of brands in the snack industry is riding the rivers and lakes. Today Xiaobian to recommend to everyone in the world of snack brands – Shu world hot and sour powder. The Hot and Sour Rice Noodles brand can be traced from the Three Kingdoms period, so the brand logo selects Shu Jun Liu Bei Sichuan head, red, black, and embodies the characteristics, but also contains the history, there have been a number of stores in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Guangxi, across Fujian, Shu day Hot and Sour Rice Noodles is very potential the Hot and Sour Rice Noodles catering brand.

Shu world Hot and Sour Rice Noodles materials to sweet potato powder, Chili oil pepper, crisp soybeans, coriander, garlic as main ingredient, with minced meat, pork, pork or beef and other ingredients well made. It can be summarized as "Ma", "hot" and "fresh" and "sweet", "acid" and "oil but not greasy! The world Sichuan Hot and Sour Rice Noodles produced in Chongqing Hot and Sour Rice Noodles is pure natural health delicacy, containing lysine rich and an estrogen like substance in sweet potato. For the protection of human skin, anti-aging to a certain extent.

Hot and Sour Soup bottom is the delicious spicy pork with boiled soup, rich flavor and rich in calcium. Chili world Shu Hot and Sour Rice Noodles used Chili oil in Sichuan area is rich in the vegetable oil and other spices (such as pepper, star anise) and boil slowly with a fine, pure natural and does not contain any chemical additives. Shu Hot and Sour Rice Noodles world is a traditional snack in Chongqing City, the country wide spread due to the cheap, has long been loved by the people, which is characterized by "hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, acid and oil but not greasy, known as the" reputation "of the

powder is the best in all the land!

Shu Department of world Hot and Sour Rice Noodles pure green food, the main powder by sweet potato, sweet potato, pea under the optimum proportion, and then by the farmers to use traditional manual drain and. This kind of food has always been loved, China’s one billion and three hundred million people are consumers, and each can afford to eat, eat incense, eat full, fast economic benefits. Today, the world of hot and sour powder with its unique advantages of cheap and delicious taste in the country’s major cities sales unusually hot, hot and sour powder shop in Chongqing every day a large number of men and women queue up.

investment in a world of Chongqing hot and sour powder shop need to how much money?

Shu world hot and sour powder to join the cost:

brand name: Shu world hot and sour powder

industry category: catering, snack

investment area: National

brand origin: Sichuan

investment amount: 1-5 million

join fee: 13800

Small business tips

small business also need to have a flexible way of flexible skills, in the end how to do is a good way to join the project?


flexible business shop

first, the small shop entrepreneurial way for industries that rely on professional skills instead of relying on the flow of goods. If engaged in catering, clothing and other industries, I am afraid there is no window is not good. Secondly, there is no shop entrepreneurs have a source, you must have the initiative to attack, unlike those who shop can wait for business to come home, there is no comparison between a good ability to connect people who can not be competent.

Third, no separation between not absolute. Small shop is no way to start a business is a kind of trial temper. Notice, the business risk is mainly in the first two years, source, mode of operation are not formed, then press the heavy burden of rent, many entrepreneurs will fail. If you can take advantage of the flexibility in the early stages of the low-cost low-cost way, not only greatly reduce the cost of investment, once the business is not good enough to turn away from losses. When there is no shop to do business to a certain extent, and then began to expand the scale of investment funds to do business, it may not be a very good step. The ideal business model, that is when there is no, nothing is in between, not much, if any.



there is no shop the most common form of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs in the online sales of goods, although the need to pay a registration fee online, but considerably less tangible shop rents. Small shop without the way of entrepreneurship online shop for professional background requirements are not high, but it needs to have a certain amount of channels and marketing capabilities. At present, there are two main ways to open a shop on the net, which are gifts, art, cosmetics, electronic products and used goods.


entrepreneurs with a customer’s personal adviser to proficiency in a particular line, and provide door-to-door service. This entrepreneurial approach is very important in Europe and the United States