The social network website of Shanghai Longfeng change

(1) Increase Social Shares

Whether to change the to increase social sharing

social network site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, about whether it will affect the social website keywords, although social networks do not directly affect search rankings, but the search engine for the social site affect the ranking have all produced the corresponding argument and mechanism, more and more social platform by the enterprise by Shanghai Dragon, website through social media marketing force, due to the social information platform walk a wide range of readers through the social networking platform can quickly understand the enterprise information, no matter how search engines to the role and influence of evaluation on social networks, social networking sites directly affects the nature of the content of the web site: flow and diffusion.


how to change the site through the social networking platform of Shanghai dragon? Shenzhen Shanghai dragon by "3 Steps to Using Social Media to Improve Your in Shanghai, the dragon and phoenix" with Shanghai Longfeng share.

bing: "We do look at the social authority of a user.We look at how many people you follow how many, follow you, and this can add a little weight to a listing in regular search results.

search engine now pay more and more attention to the user to reflect, for example: love Shanghai share, Google +1, Facebook love, Twitter’s "bird", although not necessarily become the social sharing website of Shanghai dragon very useful help, but still be search engine "observation" compared to the social network’s influence in Shanghai dragon, people may be more guangzhou. Here we look at the major search engine is how to determine the social network:

Bing’s social network for people, do not care about the user’s social authority, according to the people you know, or follow your number to determine your influence in social networks to increase the weight reflected in the regular search results list.

Yes we, "noble baby: do use [tweeted links and RTs] as a signal. It is used as a signal in our organic and news rankings.We also use it to enhance our news universal by marking how man>

To share the enterprise stand optimization experience

Optimization of Pseudo Original: ?

said enterprises believe we are not unfamiliar, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners engaged in the enterprise stand optimization, but would like to meet a small series and the same problem, that is to write the contents of a single enterprise can stand, the optimization is more strenuous. So how to improve it? The following by Shanghai dragon rookie to share enterprise stand optimization experience.

enterprise station if the original is estimated to hold on for a few days, even insist on the quality is very poor. This article also or pupils writing, rather than directly to the high quality of the article reprint.

3. piece article:


The importance of

we know that an enterprise stand is of vital importance to the related contents, enterprise station is equivalent to the company’s network name card. Customer experience is very important, so how to construct the related content, many people think that the enterprise station related content is too simple, the content is not good collection, but it does not, don’t need the original information, as long as the quality is good, can help users are so in love also will be included in Shanghai.


pseudo original is feasible, this problem has been controversial for several years. At present, Shanghai dragon industry generally performed pseudo original, in fact, how do you see the pseudo pseudo original, if pure roughly modify the title and content, this pseudo original articles not included not only will be punished love Shanghai. So how to write pseudo original? The title of the article and disrupted, meaning the same content, but this problem again. Some people will say that this can do the pseudo original low efficiency, even more than write original articles also had a long time. So how to increase the efficiency of

control right is the key, each link control, master search engine trends, start from the details. In order to quickly and correctly, make the enterprise stand benign development, here we explain in detail.

collected more than three articles related to the types of articles, the title from the new name, the beginning and the end of writing his own opinions, need to optimize embedded keywords, then a copy of each article mainly put together a new article. Note that the article should have consistency with >

How to optimize


enterprise station is mainly divided into two categories, one is to update the nature of the enterprise customer experience related content. The benefits of customer experience is excellent, can get good rankings. Disadvantages: write a single, not sustained, resulting in inadequate implementation, greatly affect the optimization efficiency. Two is the construction of a forum, to guide the user in the relevant section post, forum navigation settings to page anchor text connection, so that each post is a vote to the benefits of doing so is the content of a wide range of sources, disadvantages of optimization effect is very good, the quality control is not good, and the anchor text always point to the home page, the number of too much will be mistaken for cheating in the sea.

related content, construction:

Google received 250 thousand weekly to remove pirated link request

now began to record daily received requests, these requests are required to remove the protected content search results. The copyright holder will notify Google, the search results link to sites of violating their copyright, then Google will perform a Xiang Liucheng, execution results often lead to links to infringing website search results are removed.

for the first time since July 2011 will be asked to remove all the online search to transparent report, the report was originally meet the government’s requirements for display is removed from the Google server in content. But now the copyright holder request can also be added to the report, which makes the government’s request number is low. (Feng Xiao)


Google said that in recent years the demand to remove search link request showed a clear upward trend, now removed weekly received requests over 2009 all requests. Last month, Google received 1 million 200 thousand requests for 1000 copyright holders, asked to remove 23 thousand links on your site.

Beijing time on May 25th morning news, Google said on Thursday that they will receive a weekly 250 thousand request, asked to remove the link to pirated content.


8 days of recovery by plucking love Shanghai website


is updated because the self-help chain is not very stable, so often through their web sites to ensure the stability of back links, special note here is that the love of spiders in Shanghai at 3 in the morning, 4 o’clock is the most active, I often sleep until a link back, can’t let the link is broken.

black Friday (July 13th) was in love with altitude hair, home no snapshot, then keywords ranking disappeared, then the feeling should not be great, there is no special treatment, because in addition to home page or not outside the snapshot update, so that 15 of the time, love Shanghai has not been updated and included, I knew the site itself is a problem that need to solve.


exchange links. My site for 4 months, is still new, but there are a lot of self-help website link exchange platform, so that I can find a few snapshot update the weight of relatively high site, connecting to the site. This not only brought some traffic, and accelerate the update speed of website snapshot.

so, I held out for 6 days, July 21st finally returned to Shanghai love home snapshots, and a keyword ranking has improved a lot than before. I wrote this article No. 24, the purpose is to observe a few days to see changes to love Shanghai. In addition to summarize their own station experience, because my level is limited, can only play a role, in fact, should I submit early in the A5, anti chain that will help you improve your weight, the snapshot is updated quickly, maybe 2, 3 days will come back home page snapshot. Welcome and group discussions, group Q: 59448905

next, I take a daily update site information, of course, my website is mainly to provide the service of the webmaster exchange links, some people help me, I have to maintain the website, so although the update than before have ranking information, but the love of spiders in Shanghai or climbing every day, in the snapshot the page can also update, it deepened I can restore confidence in the home page snapshot.

In this paper, Third step

source: Shanghai dragon navigation network (www. Shanghai dragon -daohang贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep webmaster link address, thank you support.

recently, love Shanghai algorithm frequently change, many webmaster suffer, the website is in. In order to save their own websites, the author made a series of efforts, finally, hard work pays off, after 8 days, Shanghai returned home love station snapshot ranking. Figure

first, I checked the server, the server while in a foreign country, but the speed of the open can, without affecting the love Shanghai spider crawling, look at the server log, the spider to climb it every day, and home has also climbed, but why not do home page snapshot.

Sina alliance shlf1314 ignored partner of love asked partner to courtBusiness in 2013 to become the

, Beijing World Online Advertising Co. Ltd decided to resolve the matter through legal means, and in June 26th formally to the Beijing Arbitration Commission submitted an application for arbitration, it is reported that the Beijing Arbitration Commission has formally accepted.


sigh, about entrepreneurship, I also put forward some of my ideas and views, I hope for the new generation of entrepreneurs to help. Beijing area agents Beijing World Online Advertising Co. Ltd, introduced in June 12th this year, without any prior notice, suddenly unilaterally change the original position of the advertising words, ask web search results on the right side of the fixed ranking dispersion shifted to Iask ask, news search, blog search, video Search ask ask the right. As a result of the company has signed and partially fulfilled the 379 search engine fee service contract can not continue to perform.

a hero three help, Internet start-ups still inseparable from the team, single handedly is difficult to make a difference. IT items don’t sell like pancakes. They can be sold by a stand. Even simple IT projects often require design, program development, and editing, maintenance, and operation, and not really a single person can pick them up. If you can find reliable partners, each fine, it is easier to succeed. Another, grassroots entrepreneurs, Internet project is relatively simple, too

Internet start-ups success rate may be only 1%

although now IT circle of gold rush fever, who feel can Amoy gold. Can say, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, Internet business failure rate is very high, but because of the domestic Internet users paying habits have not yet formed, the Chinese Internet business failure rate is higher. In 2012, many new projects, less than half of the market baptism has disappeared, including the once temporary wind and water, stir fry project, now most of them have disappeared. A group of pioneers have proved that there is a risk in Internet start-ups and caution in the business world.

Sina executives said: "the integration of both the advantages of resources can not only improve the competitive ability of the two companies, but also for the Sina and shlf1314 users and customers to provide better user experience and customer service."

Beijing World Online Advertising Co., one hand to two agents and customers and consultation, comfort, on the other hand, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company or restore its customers and two agents and economic losses, and repeatedly negotiation, intent to resolve the matter as soon as possible. But today, Sina has no problem – solving attitude and response.

group is better than go alone, Internet is better than mobile Internet,

practice is better than theory, deeds are better than dreams.

yesterday and a few younger generation chat, they also found in "secretly" entrepreneurial team, do their own projects. With admiration, at the same time, will also arise spontaneously repentance ashamed. I want to mix 7 years in IT circle, many business ideas, but has not really implemented, unexpectedly, the brothers are just dare to go, can not help but sigh: the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, Jiangshan more out of talent, the new generation for the old people.

According to the

2013, in addition to sh419, Tencent, Ali and other first-class IT enterprise acquisition and merger topic, the Internet and mobile Internet start-ups for the hottest. Among them, the pace of entrepreneurs has stepped out of the IT circle, extended to the "selling fruit" and "sesame cake" industry, including one of my buddies, but also by the Java engineer change to do decoration captain. Perhaps, programmers sell sesame cakes, or engineers sell fruit is an exception, the IT circle of entrepreneurship news also heard.

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs, they found that too much from the words with no reality whatever, to do so. Many Internet projects have failed, without positioning inaccurate, not grounded, no channels, not good at operating a few reasons. IT circle of entrepreneurs to learn from the doer who traditional industries, "I only speak the mode of the one and only" good "products" and "how many users will use this kind of" it doesn’t matter what, these sleight of hand and once harm a lot of entrepreneurial ideas.

                  because of that part of their cooperation against the interests of agents, recently, Sina advertising agents will reason NASDAQ: SINA and shlf1314 NASDAQ:GOOG. On the court.

in June 11th this year, Sina and shlf1314 shlf1314 jointly announced in Beijing, the two sides will cooperate, web search services, sina will be fully responsible by shlf1314, the search results will jump directly to the web search page.

I have updated website content on-line at the beginning of the coup


operation and maintenance of the Shaanxi surname Association website online, from the initial planning, site design, to follow my own website program, the whole process some tangled, but also gradually see the website on-line smoothly done or easily solved, good love Shanghai has also included 10 articles, this time also feel very gratified, following the update on the association’s website and share their own processes.

in ancient times a saying that good, taolibuyan xiazichengqi, the quality is not only the quality of the content, the more important is that we should pay more attention to the user experience of reading, our association itself is the traditional site design simple style, so the content not only pay attention to the quality of it is more important to the content of this aesthetic feeling to our website readers, so when I asked in the typesetting tag must be for every details of the article are carefully selected words.

third, wine is also afraid of deep alley good articles must be timely to spread. Since the quality and experience of the website we are perfect, so, here is the problem of the publicity, the quality of the people did not read the not a pity, we spread through public platform to recommend, >

2) the punctuation you must check, some small details such as the error of double quotes only left no right, there are some Chinese guillemet character is English characters that must pay attention to be negligent.

1) the article typesetting must be neat, paragraph break must be clear.

first, editors must have the ability to analyze and synthesize. Surname culture for the author of such a culture for part-time white is two words for my own depressed, the industry itself is poorly understood, and the boss was in a hurry hurried as soon as possible to optimize, at least love Shanghai to search out the orders, they will start crustily skin ah, in this in case I try the first method is to own content integration capabilities, the surname culture itself is the category of culture and traditional culture Chinese similar but different orientations, this time they started fiddling, easy access from home, family China wind surname surname origin, on behalf of the direction of celebrities and so on, to find some relatively high readability the content, then two times the development of their own, and their cognition of the surname culture, content for the understanding of celebrity name The integration and collection, some professional articles in our previous time no start must have the aid of others, in the process of updating process is actually is learning, familiar with the nature will write better work.

3) picture size has strict requirements, can not open web pages, the paragraphs must meet people’s reading experience, the line of the line, the.

second, writing not blindly use " ".

Discussion how to write the Webmaster Station

although I disdain to the title of the party practices, but only the only title, but no substantive content of behavior. The contact site optimization in recent years, gradually understand a truth: an article written title is the key, sometimes in order to attract the attention of users, we can also use the appropriate title of the Party style, the premise is to ensure the content of the case. When we write the title, in order to better match the user search keywords, to incorporate them, in order to ensure that in an ideal position in the search results.


A good beginning is the focus of


This title is the key to

sure good title, we began to focus on writing the text title. On the writing of the text, a good beginning is the key, don’t start too long, about 100 words is appropriate, the key is to get to the point quickly, embedded in the beginning of keywords is on the position to be reasonable, at the same time in the beginning at the end of a buried foreshadowing, to attract users to continue to look down.

as a webmaster, web site update is one of the most basic daily work, and update the website and can be divided into: the station for the update, update the enterprise products and customer case update part of the contents of a few. As everyone knows, high quality content is equivalent to the soul of the website, can attract more user attention, and then get a good show in the search engine. Thus, remarkable, writing importance in the station of the next, the author aims at this topic, discuss some tips for writing the article with everyone, I hope to help some of the Shanghai new dragon.

4. at the end of summary is king

a good article, must have a clear theme. The content of each paragraph is the same, each paragraph is the subject of the text of the theme by the subdivision and subdivision of the paragraphs of the article, let the article have clear and clear structure and other characteristics, this article, give the user a clear feeling, but also to enhance the user experience. Usually when we were writing the content of the article, to develop the habit of this paragraph segmentation, but also all the basic writing.

from the title, to the beginning of the article, and then to the main content of the article, we finally came to the end of the article, as I write this article to share the same today. At the end of the article, usually is the full text of the summary, and again echoes Lord.

on the title of the writing, the author here cite a simple example: the author is engaged in the furniture industry, the "Shenzhen furniture factory" the word to write a title, such as "Shenzhen furniture factory which" and "what are the Shenzhen furniture factory" such a question type title, is a good choice both cleverly embedded keywords, but also more in line with the form of user search habits. The title of the method and many other methods, we can research the industry successful website practices, in order to find out a suitable method of writing the title.


The 3. paragraph is the basic

A short time to build high quality forum love Shanghai anti chain signature

needs to focus on tips, the forum has its own rules, so do not blind to the irrigation post, once the administrator blocked, then the hard work may be cast to the wind.

in fact, as long as willing to work hard and time, in a relatively short period of time, Shanghai will make up the chain, is not difficult. Every webmaster have their own experience, then, I like to share with you, half a month to create a high quality of love Shanghai chain.

thank you for your cooperation!

(the 贵族宝贝xunro贵族宝贝 fast financial network, provide the alarm clock)

for the first time in the Admin5 time, is also the first, hope that the new and old webmaster can Paizhuan guidance! Original content, welcome to reprint, please keep the link, you

you should know, love Shanghai high quality chain, have great influence on the website and the website included snapshot and other aspects.

, we do not get discouraged, increase to persevere to update the content and the chain. In addition the forum signature settings, also need certain skills. For example, the signature site of my practice setting is the url+ keyword, if can make the link anchor text (link) is better, but at the same time not more than 5.

love Shanghai search a lot about BBS signature trans articles, many web friends say BBS signature is not. But through the practice of short half, found in the major forum for the effect is still good. Take Admin5 for example: forum to post and reply in a few minutes, will be included in Shanghai love to grab work although tedious, but the love of Shanghai will soon be included in Admin5’s post, and the website of the chain has been improved, and is of high quality.

It requires longer time effect and forum signature to prove the

Admin5 has special links with the AD issued a special column, through the post and reply, one day increase the chain two hundred or three hundred is an easy job to do. Through the practice of the Admin5 forum, love Shanghai grab forum signature effect is very significant, like Admin5 forum, there are many, such as the phpcms forum and so on. The forum has a dedicated area for owners to publish your own web site outside the chain.

in order to obtain high quality of the chain, especially some of the new web site, at a loss, all bend over backwards through a variety of methods and means, to pay the bulk software from the forum signature single, not in order to obtain better and more anti chain.

Analysis of 3 website backlinks reduced

search engine adjustment analysis

reverse link: reverse link widely is defined as long as with you specify the URL, it can be regarded as a reverse link. Query: Domain:+ your web site, your site can be the internal URL, and other sites with url.

The page weight

‘s search engine has been adjusted, the search engine algorithm is not the same. Every time the changes are caused by changes in the number of sites included and reverse link, under normal circumstances, rising also decreased. For example: search engine.Cn website, the website domain name expired, included all of the information deleted, also leads to a reduction of website backlinks. The adjustment of the search engine, is generally handled is all website, your website backlinks reduction is also normal, because other sites also reduced.

reverse link, affecting the reverse link. If the page weight is high, "the weight is high, then the reverse link will not disappear. For example, Shanghai love Wikipedia, add you to the promotion of the site in the entry, for a long time or longer time. Many will remain, because the internal web site in the search engine. If your backlinks appear in a penalized site, then your site may be right down, the reverse link may also disappear. These are all factors that reduce the reverse link, we can not control other people’s website, but we can start from the search engine products, whether the product search engine, the weight is very high.


web page analysis

if you are a careful Shanghai dragon Er, the reverse link link address is recorded, when every month, statistical analysis.

analysis of

We first introduce

search engine may be so that the site as a web site keywords, then the URL of the index, the related websites with the URL into a database. The appearance of the web site are classified according to the time, such as snapshot, keyword level order, if the search engine adjustment, as long as the one, then the other reverse link may disappear.

search engine is the title of the page, if your page title similarity is very high, or keyword density is too large, then the search engine will punish your site, thereby reducing the site of reverse link. This hesitation caused by their own website, Shanghai dragon Er is can be avoided. When the website operation, website server stability, open speed is a factor of influence ranking, if the website suddenly open, or is unstable, you will also reduce the reverse link. As the Shanghai dragon Er to master the basic knowledge of website optimization, for example to know several key factors of website optimization, website ranking, included the number and so on, only to grasp the basic knowledge, you can well solve the problem. Shanghai dragon.

Analysis of the details and the core point within the site chain optimization

the first to optimize the chain analysis in details. The internal chain optimization, we must focus on the user’s choice, because the nature we do within the chain optimization is to improve the website user experience, allowing users to find the corresponding content in a very short time, so the internal chain optimization, we should pay attention to the details. The importance of this can be combined with the contents of the website is arranged, if the enterprise website, the best way is through manual sorting method, make the important contents of priority display, allowing the user to choose very fast.

Jingdong website by the user in conjunction with the left side of the page’s purchase behavior to put forward the corresponding tips, and the tips are often related keywords and these products. For our website, you can carry out further extension, for example, when a user reading the related content, you can provide a list of the users in the browse which links on the left side. Through this design, on the one hand can make the user’s browsing behavior.

so how to optimize the internal chain optimization, how to play in the chain optimization effect, has become the current industry attaches great importance to the issue, the author believes that the key sites within the chain is to optimize the details and grasp the core point of them, as long as the optimized based on the two layer, can play a multiplier the role of.

for another detail is to control the number of the chain, because the number of links within the site will be increased as the content of a geometric growth, so if it can’t be controlled, will lead to the website chain number too much, resulting in the formation of a variety of dead circulation, so for the love of spiders in Shanghai, you will feel in the chain the design of the site is very rough, but also not scientific, and even considered spam sites. So for the number of links within the site must be provided in the control chain corresponding only to exist relevant content, convenient for users to read.

for the website optimization, the optimization of the chain and the chain is a very important content, especially in the chain, in recent years has been widely touted field of thermal optimization, the fundamental reason lies in the love of Shanghai algorithm in continuous innovation, for the weight of the chain put forward many requirements, which makes the chain many webmaster to construct high quality, it will only be able to focus more on the site within the chain, and for the love of Shanghai, also for the chain is also given great attention, and in the optimization of the chain is in the hands of the hands of their owners, so the optimization of the chain began to become one of the most important optimization focus.

For example,

went on to analyze the core sites within the chain. The core point is actually to pay attention to and keywords to cooperate, because we in the optimization of the site, the main is to your web site keywords ranking to improve. The inner chain optimization, is to let the love of spiders in Shanghai can quickly locate the keywords, and can accordingly be all content traversal sites, so that love Shanghai crawl and web site keywords related content. This means that in our web site chain optimization, must be based on the keywords as the core to optimize.

Beginners can try to start making money by clickingDiligence is the most effective way to increase o

also master a lot of love by SEO to Taobao customers, but many people are complaining that the conversion rate is too low, so I dare to say that you are the guest station is number not much. In fact, if you want to let netizens love to dig out of pocket is very difficult, want to meet big customers can only rely on luck. Increasing the number of special websites is the most effective way to increase orders. I have seen someone using the station group batch optimization of the word "L-carnitine", making sh419’s previous pages are his promotion code, such effect fool can see is profitable. Of course, the use of software as a station group has a certain risk, this method has yet to be discussed.


the old adage: people not only see the kids eat meat, do not see the thief. When we see other people’s happy money, don’t envy them, just look at how much sweat they have left behind. Luck also favors those who are prepared, and diligence is the most effective way to increase orders for Taobao customers.

didn’t do Wangzhuan, no technology novice website, net Wangzhuan can start by clicking that money project start. Because of money, is the most easy to do Wangzhuan type, one of the most widely. Anyone with a little knowledge of the Internet can get started in 10 minutes. So, start from the beginning of the new higher click on the network to make money, is a fast way to Wangzhuan entry.

click on the Internet to make money a lot of projects, the overall credibility is also good, the proceeds can also be. Current regular items payable are 0.5–1.5 cents per click, ad 5–25 per day. 5–10 dollars to pay. This is a common range, and there may be exceptions. For example, each click pay 2 cents or more, or some $1 payment.

reprinted with the source: down.318

to tell you the truth, click Wangzhuan if it is to do it alone, at least forty or fifty days to pay. So, in addition to the extremely individual 1, 2 dollars on Wangzhuan payment, click on the most profitable projects are not suitable for it. Since it’s not appropriate to do it alone, then why do I say the beginner can start with it because of the relative type of project?. It’s much easier to click on the Internet money making project, and it’s much easier to pay for it.

I’m sure friends without orders are envious and want to know what secrets I have. In fact, I do Taobao guest method and everyone else, mainly by optimizing the website, sh419 know promotion and Search ask, promotion, as for why there will be so good luck, I want to thank you for your hard work.

take the simple sh419 know promotion, how many friends can resolve to trust a single product? I found a lot of friends love instant success, always thinking a few answers waiting for money coming. Such good who want to meet, but never realize. Do know to promote, there should be a sh419 to seize the courage, through efforts to allow yourself to occupy an absolute advantage. For example, the author in the promotion of a female supplies, spent a full 3 months time, and finally make the whole sh419 know all my world. In this way, no matter how picky netizens, eventually will come to their site. The chances of producing orders are also greatly increased.

Taobao customers are now doing so much, big and small websites are spared no effort to promote their Taobao guest code. Is fortune to do Taobao, I do not deny this, but why can some people and some people earning large quantities of gold each day, a few weeks there is no volume. I think it depends on the degree of personal diligence. The following is the author of Taobao to do a section of the data, through this picture can be seen that a visitor once bought three high commission merchandise, the author suddenly earned more than 200 yuan.

then, how do you deal with the difficulty of paying? You need to work with the downline. Click Wangzhuan referral proportion is very high. Basically 50% or 100% off the line deduct a percentage from a sum of money. Referrals are not deducted from your earnings, but are rewarded by an additional percentage of your income. So, do click Wangzhuan, and cooperation is the best line. The system of returning Commission is adopted. That is, the proceeds from the downline where the proceeds take part to return to the assembly line. In this way, you can quickly pull a lot of active offline. It’s easy to make payment. When you receive payment, you return a portion to the downline. The line will have revenue. It will naturally be more active and cycle, and everyone will be better and better. Cooperation in order to win a win-win network of money, used here is really appropriate!

this article comes from SEO software: reprint, please indicate the source

Depth analysis of the old station for nearly two years

first saw the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai information weight is 0, Google PR 0, domain name age 1 years 9 months and 4 days, we can see that the snapshot update key is normal, whether included love Shanghai or Google or SOSO amount collected so much, then why such an old station, struggling through the business for 2 years. You blossom? Below, we will to him this station do a deep analysis on

analysis of three sites throughout the paper.

yesterday to join the Zhejiang station group, in which to hear a webmaster in the complaint, why their website for nearly 2 years, why love Shanghai weight is 0, the Google PR is 0, then I saw some rough, the existence of wrong, I just have a good time today. The old station, make a depth analysis (high master can float

? )First we look at

analysis of outer chain less, and the low quality of

you can see, in addition to love Shanghai, the station is ranked, the poor do the chain, quality is very low, the chain resources how bad, how to promote your website? And one of them may see what details you can estimate, a fancy map, under domain: why do you order the snapshot in other pages, the more that you stand for serious problems we do not believe you can try their own station, after you use the domain: command, you a snapshot of where


you can see, the key is to love the Shanghai index, I have several other queries, not a word is a key index, keyword orientation index, will be on the website ranking is a qualitative leap, of course, also can slowly start late, but the time may be 1 in May 2 years, may you always do not go up

from above

, this site in the home station integrated query



analysis since ancient times, everything worth seeing, all said that the head is very important, do the same, to the site where the head is title, first we look at his title, I gave him a copy down, where there, do station are very clear, there is a website for future location the direction, also can say these words on behalf of the key position, for a website can improve love Shanghai weight, key position is very important, the basic information of these keywords, I just pick one other, you can go for the next, we’ll look at the first "the car seems cool interactive media ‘keyword, then in the love of Shanghai is going to

you can see some basic information about the web site



Domain is not in the first opinion

approach is still the same recovery and increase the weight of the website. We should remember yourself before is how to operate. Not the law has not been updated, or the chain construction to check their change radically, Links are right down. Replacement templates or change the key word whether there is a lot of memories of their own. The operation has no wrong.

to its Shanghai Dragon

station: basically forum posting with a blog, this blog is unavoidable. You can also try to answer is like. Library information classification and network favorites is also good. Every day that you stand weight days and months multiplying will go up. Another suggested daily analysis of several sites it will help the.



for the weight of new construction, believe that A5 has a lot of articles here. I mention a few slightly do their daily.

The first kind of

second your station is the old station Domain is not the first home page, also is not entirely be right down, sometimes you domain those stations is not necessarily the first. So it is better to be with their own situation. See if the snapshot included a little slow. The decline in ranking. If the proof may be down the right.

Domain instructions, I think the webmaster is very familiar with, it is used to query the love Shanghai anti chain use. But still feel a little inaccurate. In this article we do not discuss this. When we talk about our own website Domain is not the first home page indicates what


first, I personally feel that Doman is not the first home page can be divided into two kinds of situation.

finished the first case, we describe second cases of.

your station is a new station, this is my three months of a new Domain is not the first home page.

for this drop right personally think it is not very serious than site in the first. It is much better if this is right down, what should we do?

: This is the basic part of the station site code optimization, such as the H1 tag ALT tag navigation. Optimize the user experience and so on… Also pay attention to the construction of the chain should be reasonable. It links related. Do the word around. Do not deliberately go to the early keyword density etc, keep clean and tidy it is good for.

but I personally feel that this is not surprising, because we all know that the new weight is relatively low. So when you do the chain in high weight forum or website, it will often appear in this situation. So the new sites appear this kind of Domain is not in the first class do not panic, or to adjust the focus of work to the construction site weight.

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Analysis of how to judge the similarity of website search engine

high repetition is not good, will be K, will drop right, will not be included, that linger in Shanghai Longfeng beginners mind, how a new data? You can update every day dozens of content? Apparently many people do not have this argument, Yu Shicai set the then, the pseudo original, common for the original way is a reversal of the contents of the article, synonymy, add or reduce the part, but found that after a long time, this is not included, what is the reason? Today the author detailed analysis, I hope this article can solve your questions.



page, look carefully will find some of the same title, describing the most is not the same, so the title and description of subtle changes are not the same and have no effect on the original is false, love can be identified in Shanghai,



this is love Shanghai news search cnzz 2 similar page source code, the similarity was greatly reduced to 45.332%, two pages that obviously cannot be judged, but love Shanghai but you can determine which 2 articles are similar.

summary: through the above observation, the ability to judge the search engine to strengthen, is no longer confined to the site of the source code, but you can directly find the Chinese part of the article, and compared to other sites, so even if you site is not the same, the layout of the page is not the same, as long as the content is collected, then the search engine can be judged the similarity of the article, but not the content of similar love >

We all know that the content of

then we can see the main part, the author found a tool that can detect similarity of two articles, we look at the similarity of part of the body:

These are similar to

Shanghai is not love not included the same content sites, like often write text will know, write soft Wen is to let others reproduced, is to increase the chain and related domains, apparently can be included, an obvious example: love Shanghai news search video

marked red, ha ha, we will, in the numerical above, the content is from the title to the end part, the similarity is 96.973%, the similarity is very high, it is clear that the article simply can be said is collected, but think carefully, the search engine spiders is accessed through the page, then the judge the similarity will have a relationship and source code? So I have two sites to copy the source code in the detection of similarity, please see below:


can be seen as the same news, which represent the same content can still be included, if you look carefully, you can click on the red circle where in

Do the correlation to make the website more competitive

four and external links

, believes that many webmaster friends all know, do website correlation, not only can make your site look more professional, reduce the rate of jump out the site, and is of great help to improve the site weight, what should we do to the relevance of the website from which



three and the station link

target refers to the keywords on the web page, many of my friends heard that the home page is site of the highest page weight, so want to do put a lot of words in the home, but did not consider the relevance of keywords from the user’s needs. Figure:

from the security industry, security doors, X light baggage screening machine, flat tester, fried to poison underground metal detectors are security equipment, but the search needs to see their needs from the user is different, the search of security door users do not necessarily need X light baggage screening machine, fried to check instrument. Like this title belongs to the poor correlation between the title, if it is "across the line" the relationship between more poor, ranking optimization time is relatively long, the ranking is also very difficult to stabilize. Many companies will be more or less there are several types of user needs different products, the optimization of my recommendations are different respectively to optimize the website.

About the website relevance in front of

some friends very strange when his site outside the chain of more than others, but no other good rankings. General or the other website;

content and the theme of the two,

on the site early we should position the theme of the site, and then around the theme to the website related content layout, the same, the article content pages around the title extension, rather than cry up wine and sell vinegar. Remember before the A5 cast a Shanghai dragon article, later found there was some mechanical enterprise station also collected in this article. A look into a station, Shanghai Phoenix, what marketing articles are, let me feel melancholy… A lot of friends that included more! The better, this is a wrong view, if the poor correlation between content and theme, not only on the ranking does not help but let spiders don’t know what is your website. So, the content of strategy must focus on originality and relevance.

The correlation between The correlation between The correlation between

, a target keyword correlationKeywords


on site link structure, I believe many of my friends know the different contents of the column is generally not interconnection. When you insert the link anchor text in the article, we must also pay attention to the correlation with the anchor text pointing to the page. In addition, the content of the page will generally have the relevant articles, reading programs, such as recommended to the articles with the current page content. For example, a story about the Shanghai dragon article page, which appears only in the recommended reading related articles in Shanghai dragon.

How do the site is down right down the right site solution

2. Links: look at the Links there is not some Links illegal information, resulting in Links website is K, which affects themselves, no chain or Links a large area, it will also lead to site is down right, if there is no time to remove these anti chain. By K Links, better protect their

Some of the content of

5. to check their updates with illegal information, check their quality of the content is high enough, whether there is accumulation of keywords of the suspects, if there is excessive optimization, if there is illegal information delete the information as soon as possible, if the quality is low, then write some high quality articles, do not waste

site is down right


check whether the site can normally open, normally open, if the site can not be opened, is not normal, will certainly be right down

1. to see whether they have been cheating optimization, such as mass outside the chain, hanging black chain, brush flow, if any, to stop

4. see their website is not some peer illegal attack, some unscrupulous ones, they will give you the brush flow site, give your website batch black chain, which can make you site is down right, so as to achieve the purpose of your love more than ranking, Shanghai has a refuse chain tool, to refuse some garbage outside the chain, you can use this to solve

6. on release of some of the chain whether the quality is high enough, whether there is a batch release some of the garbage outside the chain, if there is a refusal to reject some garbage outside the chain of tools, chain, and after the update, more high quality of the chain

of course, sometimes the site right down only.

have some Adsense sometimes check their website traffic and ranking will find their web traffic ranking with no back, when some use the SITE command to query in home page of the inside pages, this is obviously the right to be reduced to

how to do? The

first step: check the site is down right, start from several aspects,

3. check the website content is normal, whether the site has been hanging on some illegal information, there are a lot of gray industry regular web site they like optimization, they are directly through the black hat means directly or by hacking, such as hacking your website backstage server, invasion of your website hang on, links to your website, which lead to site is down right, some will start in the snapshot, you check the content of the site is a snapshot of your own content, some will be caused by the content of the website snapshot hijacking, is their own, but the contents of the snapshot he is completely modified, this is a secret that is not so easy to find, because there are few snapshots of people right turn to their website, which you can only protect your password, do Good safety protection server, repair their own website vulnerabilities

Check your

Confessions of a bitter Shanghai dragon Er now Shanghai dragon is too difficult

for web content segmentation, because the computer is the computer search website, there are several very much: the price of the computer, computer parameters (configuration), computer models, computer customer service (warranty period) and computer maintenance. I put these features of computer are extracted for each computer model into a single page, which contains all the information that I can think of, to search several items of interest to the user are written in, try to make the user can find all the information you want to know in my page. Of course, the most important is my contact, at that time very rough in the middle and end with the very red letters in bold. Although it is very tiring, but I insist that the effect is very good after a period of time, the most intuitive is my site traffic up, and many of them are through the content page to the web site keywords ranking also gradually rose to the position of the first page.

was 10 years, from Beijing to Zhengzhou to sell computer. It just started selling products on the Internet, the boss has no experience, think this is a trend that gave us a needle chicken, a young US adrenal hormone excess on the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng this road.

was not only to their own optimization of the website also often sell computer, to the customer to send computer repair computer, the website will send some of the routine, set a few keywords, even without a Links. But when the optimization effect is surprisingly good, only a month time, several target keywords two websites to love Shanghai home page. I began to busy, but also neglect up website optimization. The boss saw his unique vision confirmed, then a large number of recruit employees, do website optimization operations. By 11 in the second half of the year, because the rise of their own negligence and competitors, my website gradually fall down, until one day in Shanghai did not love home to my site, I began to study carefully, carefully and seriously to learn, how to make the site row to the first page of the technology.

my job is still the network marketing, but before the website is different customers > this website

04 years, P2P industry fire up. One of my classmates returned to the office of a P2P platform CEO, in contact with me several times, he asked me to go to business in the Internet financial industry, I have also stock futures speculation, the financial industry is also very interested in agreed to.

I do Through the When the

on the website of the "public relations", let me realize the importance of Shanghai dragon technology. But Shanghai Dragon technology is constantly changing and updating, the past method through May after one or two big update, it becomes a point with No. An obvious example is used in the A5 left on the personal signature links, links to stay outside the chain in the zblog and wordpress blog site, and later become worthless. Riding in Shanghai, especially in the study of dragon and phoenix.

Keywords mining and optimization determines the site traffic trend

improve site traffic is one thing many webmaster dream, because a website to let it make money cannot do without traffic, whether it is selling products or services sold, certainly hope the better your site traffic, the traffic here refers to the targeted traffic; such as selling products website, we special mining and optimization related to user demand keywords, and rely on the mining site keywords alliance advertising money of course is different from the. Now the lines of various types of website filled the entire Internet, for the webmaster of all the pressure not to want the keyword optimization up your website, use the search engine to bring traffic, is not an easy thing. We all know the keywords ranking with the website weight and keywords of digging and optimization, the chain and other factors have a great relationship; bring your weight, many of my friends are now complaining, why I do not go to do station, now do station website weight than others, keyword optimization is very difficult, so it is difficult to compete with others.


is a website to get traffic of course there are many ways, such as TV ads, public announcement, micro-blog promotion, Shanghai dragon optimization in many ways; for webmaster friends, now the most popular way of promotion of course to Shanghai dragon optimization promotion, because it can let us do not have to spend a lot of money again, can easily be site optimization keywords up, thus the use of search engines to get traffic.

for a certain weight site, if you can dig out some people search words, then add the article has the certain quality, the article bring hundreds of flow is no problem, many of my friends do not care about those who only remember the long tail keywords, long tail keywords said network the easy optimization, but can bring traffic is often very small, in fact, we found that sometimes long tail keywords bring traffic even more than the main keywords, and these long tail words sometimes with seasons and festivals, popular events have a great relationship, such as the Qixi Festival gifts, if you can dig out some valuable words to the row to the first page of the top three, in the day to bring traffic is certainly not.

now we found that web traffic is not only decide the weight of the website, also has a great relationship with mining optimization keywords, Shanghai Longfeng method is quite popular now outside the station optimization and promotion, in fact, a large part of the station optimization link refers to the key word mining, distribution and optimization of this one, constantly mining and search for keywords quality can bring a lot of traffic to the site, for example, recently many students admitted to the University, relatives and friends to send him "the University wishes", if you are a SMS website, if can dig out such words, and edited by keywords a good article, even if not what your site weight, can also have a good ranking, which bring a lot of traffic from search engines, because these Key words are not what competitive.

Influence of keyword density on the Shanghai dragon ranking optimization

please remember the keyword density is only one of the factors affecting the keywords ranking. The author once when optimizing a nursery site, too much keyword density effects on site keywords ranking, take some extreme practices, in order to improve the website keyword density, such as " " the target keywords, Pinus bungeana; I repeatedly on the home page title reflects the | procurement | p.bungeana seedlings of Pinus bungeana of Pinus bungeana seedlings of Pinus bungeana | preferred Pinus bungeana network, this is indeed in effect to enhance the critical density is obvious, but the intangibles caused by the keywords stack, the final optimization is excessive, the punishment of the search engine, drop right or K stand. In the keyword density reasonable target based on the setting of the webmaster can focus on some long tail keywords, do some optimization of long tail keywords. Experience tells us that the long tail keywords role in some of the target words.



there is a saying, "keyword density directly affect the keywords ranking web site keywords," keyword density higher website ranking will of course, others, who is opposed to the ticket. As a Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, breakthrough target keywords primary goal to overcome keywords ranking, if the latter did not talk, the density of target keywords and target keywords ranking has a direct relationship. Said so much, what is the keyword density? Accurate keyword density: (Keyword Density) and keywords frequency (Keyword Frequency) described the essence of the concept is the same, is used to measure the total number of keywords in the page of the text and other proportion, generally expressed as a percentage. The page relative to the total number of words, words appear more frequently, keyword density is greater. From the perspective of website optimization, keyword density has a specific parameter, the density is generally maintained at two percent to eight percent, and of course the smaller interval, I take the standard is four percent to five percent, this data is summarized on the basis of competitors. Many webmaster and I rely on the same keyword density the parameters of the keyword density on the web page, page layout.

single target keywords, must start from the site as a whole, closely around the target keywords construction, this approach fully like search users and search engines, what is the theme of the site, on the site of the target key words of our very special industry, on the other hand, many websites can be resource integration station abroad, including internal and external links, keywords position, to advance local as a breakthrough, currently ranked the leading website. Whether the keyword density parameters of the standard is correct, is not decided, depends entirely on the mood of the webmaster, the ultimate aim is to achieve the keywords you want to rank the effect.


Four methods to obtain a stable flow of personal independence blog

" I think everyone should have heard, I first heard of the space of each step, because a few years ago QQ space is traffic, have a lot of space each step, it seems a little.

now has more and more independent blog, and independent bloggers and to grassroots webmaster, there are some simple independent bloggers to record live and work, but no matter what is the content of the independent blog I want each to establish their own independent blog people want their blog to be seen, otherwise I’d like to write a diary, in his book. If want to let other people know that their own blog, it would involve a traffic problem (of course don’t want people to see the blog is not impossible), today Xiao Jun combine their own practice experience and usual observation, summarizes several stable flow increase personal independence blog way.

blogs on each otherThe word "


get traffic through the Shanghai DragonIndependent blog

for some content to work life, can get traffic through the search engine the chance is not much, but for the technology, experience the blog is relatively easy, can according to some common problems or long tail keywords to write some articles, which included get good rankings after once it is very easy to be there is the problem of the search to friends. For example, my blog in Shanghai dragon, I will write some I met in Shanghai Longfeng practice or experience, and have the similar problems when friends easily through the search engine to visit my blog. I also intercepted a recent week my blog by sea to the flow of love.

1, blog promotion

this method is now the most bloggers love is the most commonly used promotion methods, this also is one of the ways to attract flow initiative, but the more important reason is that this method is well-known blogger Lu Songsong carry forward, so this method is widely used to everyone, everyone hope that their blogs can be access and this is a key to the blog comments, interactive. And take the initiative to comment on other people’s blog can let other bloggers know your visit, and can usually get each other courtesy visit each other, if the content is of interest will increase a fixed visitors. Not only that, you also increase your website exposure in another blog, also increase the chance of people visiting your website in the course of time, you will often come to visit your blog. But the website promotion to alert "comments type promotion means" trap.



screenshot time is nine a.m. or so, when the search keyword from falling in love with Haitong to flow is twenty times. Because of the long tail word Shanghai dragon aspect lot, and a lot of friends do Shanghai Longfeng these common problems are likely to encounter, so search engine traffic is also a good way through Shanghai dragon blog.