How to love the Shanghai liberal arts promotion tutorial accurate flow

2, the title of the document and keyword matching


wants to be in love with Shanghai library drainage effect, then we need to provide enough valuable documents, especially to help others to solve the problem of document types. Through my long-term observation, generally about workplace and life of the document is popular, but popular on the network promotion document level is not very bad. Since we want to love by Shanghai library document drainage, must cater to the tastes of the public, make up the humans document. In order to produce popular and high quality documents, is not the brain hole wide open to come out on the line, but by sets of the long the filing. The document collection is not difficult, only in the love of Shanghai library search and find those popular document.

has the title of the document title to not repeat, the document will appear in many of the same title so that people search for documents, this document we are difficult to be user search and see, do not like the best novel and title.


often talk about love, love Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar know drainage, so for love Shanghai drainage is fond of, so another product of this talk about love the sea, love of Shanghai library. We all know that love Shanghai library is an online interactive document storage sharing platform, and the number of users here in the order of tens of millions of users to share their quality documents, notify their document sharing value, influence and let more people by their own documents.

document typesetting neat enough > words


library can also love Shanghai drainage, then use love Shanghai library how to guide the accurate flow through the promotion of tutorial. Because we are doing Internet marketing, so writing also cannot do without dry cargo network to promote this topic. Here we have to share the love of Shanghai library drainage should be how to do.

twoDon’t let a person feel

in the title with suspicion of advertising, the best to choose a more neutral document title, such as "XX XX method", "XX added XX skills Daquan" etc..

document title to love Shanghai has included the match, so it is easy to be fast and accurate search to the title, such as "WeChat 100 rapid method with" through the "WeChat keywords added" or "WeChat added method" are able to search, and this proposed rule in Shanghai know love is the title of a drainage similarity, is to be able to meet the user search habits, let users through the commonly used search keyword search can search to document the contents of our. Of course in the title in addition to pay attention to key words matching, also need to pay attention to the following details:

Keywords Since



document collection

The outdated Shanghai dragon cheating novice attention

spam links

as I said, the first is hidden text, the novice love do, including hidden common words to improve the relevance and increase the chain of hidden links. This text the user can not see, can see through the search engine source code, contains a large number of keywords. The most commonly used method is: the text color and background color set to the same page, this is the simplest and most likely to be found. Sometimes cheat staff will put color into very similar tone, the search engine to read code is different, the user in the page is actually very difficult to distinguish. Then there is a way to font smaller, a character set into a pixel, so the user can see the text of course. And now the most common use of CSS and JS script control, which is the most commonly used way of hanging black chain. No text location into the invisible region, or will not display text on the layer, it can achieve the effect.

Shanghai dragon cheating has been stopped, cheating is not poor, the mainstream in earlier years very popular these cheating has been completely useless, not only with the optimization effect, but easily lead to search engine drop right punishment, or even K station. When many novice can contact the Shanghai dragon are very keen on cheating, think this is Shanghai dragon shortcut, such as those who reply to a lot of hidden anchor text novices, that the administrator can not see, you can easily do the chain, a lot of not knowing, not any such anchor text use search engines completely excluded and if the quantity is too much, but for your own website adverse. Today I will take stock of the common Shanghai dragon cheating.


some of the hidden text, such as location written by JS to display layer is very difficult to find, search engine detection is a little difficult, but once the artificial examination is very easy, because some users may like or rival search engines report. Hidden text is found is indeed likely to cause punishment, the risk is relatively large. Hidden links are clear Shanghai dragon cheating, but the search engine has some difficulty in punishing judgment, it is generally the effect of zero, and then observe, therefore, do not have any effect at least, accumulated more, must be punished.

hidden text links

in order to improve the site keywords ranking, often on the Internet to every corner of the link, but obviously spam links have two different characteristics: 1, only to leave the link. 2, link anchor text is the basic goal of keywords. A little more, a lot of junk links are through various mass groupware software to complete the function. Search engine spam links not what difficult, some junk filter plug-in can judge the majority of spam, not to mention the search engine, their master data analysis and judgment ability is more powerful, so the spam links can definitely be judged.

spam links >.

Network marketing and the Olympic Games have a date

network marketing and the Olympic Games on the current date, records, and in the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games, the Olympic Games cost is huge, but at the time no government subsidies, and not to increase the burden on taxpayers, and the law also prohibits the issuance of lottery, all funds must self financing difficulties as can be imagined. But marketing changed everything.


is a kind of waiting for the Olympic Games, a kind of spiritual sustenance, the symbol of human courage, healthy and upward physique, a kind of sports spirit can infect a generation, or a symbol of the country. Speaking of the Olympic Games and what is the relationship marketing, you are sure not to forget when certain brands are the Olympic Games partners see on TV or on the Internet, or say is the only Olympic designated products, such advertising can see that they are in the use of the influence of the Olympics to enhance their value or the influence of.

in the Olympic Games we see most is Nike, Adidas, almost top-level athletes are wearing these manufacturers sponsorship, it spread it as can be imagined, the eyes of the world are concentrated in the Olympic Games, this is the Olympic year, sang main angle is the Olympic Games, which is the brand a space for one person in the Olympic Games, then this brand will fire ah, the price soared, maybe will become a luxury, but the reason is to help the Olympic publicity in place, see people, it was formed in a habit of thinking, think the Olympic Games is a good product, accompanied by the business is certainly prices, increase revenue, take advertising also value.

in the Olympic Games Ruth chairman of this committee under the leadership of broaden sources, take the following main measures: a funding agreement with the group; tickets are sold broadcasting rights and competition; compression of expenditure, make full use of existing facilities to minimize the construction of sports venues; not a new Olympic Village, California two university dormitory for rent athletes, officials recruited volunteers for accommodation; voluntary work conference. Jo Bo Roth used his ability and cleverness, so that the work of the organizing committee arranged in good order, all true. All of these operations can not escape a little, that is to promote sales, no >

this year is an Olympic year, once every four years the Olympic feast is coming near, in this day, I believe everyone will have a different feeling, a look in the eyes, until finally this day, Beijing time 28 days 4 when opening to begin, athletes and the audience or the media, everyone will feel relaxed and happy to see such a grand occasion, tens of thousands of people gathered here, and today I want to talk about marketing, will see in the Olympic Games, it will be associated with how it, following the A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) from the following aspects and share the secret.

In heaven how to do optimization keywords area

we must first understand what is the area of key words, for example "Beijing English exam, Beijing University of Beijing" a product named keywords at the beginning of the product names and other information, we call the area of key words. A few days ago we team took a guest site optimization cosmetics in Sichuan area, summarizes some about the regional keyword optimization experience, today bring to share with everyone, deficiencies still hope expert advice.

household service in Sichuan as an example. If we want to do such words, we should first understand some city sites have been doing these services. We are in the first place now and not information network and local talent net, we step down tells you how to do keywords nature area. The relatively large city sites have 58贵族宝贝 58 city provided the information from all over the country, whether it is selling, trading, trading and other personnel. The weight is very high, it can be said that the page is equivalent to a we do ZhengZhan. We should pick up some key words selective 58贵族宝贝 city without pages to choose. Generally a keyword can extend one hundred or even thousands of related keywords. Choose this, we look at the company website, the competition is always there. If we do not have enough money to do promotion competition with each other, you should do some other work.

after finishing, we call a level 2 directory in the WWW domain, a tabbed page here, the equivalent of the links that connect friendship pages. In the blank page to add some connection, these keywords inserted into each connection. Updated every day a new content. With the new instead of, long-term cumulative update, this page can use ten days to twenty days to make the weight. The weight of finished, this page will appear in all the key words adverbs of home page. The effect is remarkable. >

ranking, Shanghai love is like a river, down right back home only to say goodbye, I don’t have the same blood, see the ranking has dropped, in the most beautiful moments fade, who will remember this website appeared. The website is ranked number ER and Shanghai dragon are most concerned about the webmaster. The team today to regional keyword promotion and Optimization for the example, this paper introduces the optimization technique similar word optimization method.

Keywords Where are you ah

after the input love Shanghai Sichuan housekeeping service station, not much, but it is not easy to do. "We see the love of the bottom of the Shanghai Sichuan chuanmeizi housekeeping company, Sichuan housekeeping, housekeeping services, housekeeping service company, Beijing Sichuan Yuesao, housekeeping services, housekeeping service chain, AI Jun Beijing housekeeping service network, housekeeping services, Aijun housekeeping" really is not small, then we should be how to do it. In an article on the "Shanghai dragon techniques we can use the Demons and monsters danced like mad." mentioned stations to associate keywords. Today we talk about how to use the inside pages to do adverb, use an adverb to push the subject.

The site is down right again love Shanghai experience

although I am writing is rough, but each one write more personal real experience, thoughts and feelings of experience, if there is no place please forgive me! The first station network, please respect the individual civilization reproduced, the fruits of labor! Thank you!

after thinking, I want to do is a site in Shanghai Links love down the right, my site has been implicated in stationmaster net check really one site included only 30, marked red display, due to the development of the website need to post installed plugins and many other things had been more no attention, so I immediately and the station that he resumed in the website link, and he removed the link, that should be no problem, but strange to say love Shanghai and noble baby seems to continue to reduce, reduce the amplitude is not so big, so I also introduced a few Links and daily update 4-5 original article, and strengthen the construction of the chain, and the effect is obvious, which included several love Shanghai and noble baby began normal growth

station Changsha Forum (www.0731dl贵族宝贝) included finally started to rise again, so this is the legendary love Shanghai drop right ah, did not expect so easily is my fix, ha ha, so that the novice webmaster friends when the problems don’t panic, should learn to face the problem, solve the problem, the only way can go farther and farther in the circle.

station is also almost 3-4 months, every day in the new website traffic, Links query, some time ago about 7-8 days like a check included love Shanghai and noble baby actually reduced in stationmaster net, and today included fewer beginning but I don’t note that the thought is a collection of articles began to love Shanghai and out of it, but the next few days, every day I pay more attention to the next, even the day included reducing, but also reduce quickly, most of them even one day an article not included me, most of my the day is the pseudo original article, also made a lot of the original according to the truth is not such a problem ah, I also read a lot of knowledge about it

If there are golden ratio of Shanghai Dragon


two, content layout

?According to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

is actually a lot of awesome website has been used or very close to the golden ratio, the general users do not realize that the designer layout connotation, verification is very simple: the site is divided into left and right structure, small parts with large proportion of close to 0.618 indicate that it should be used. Of course, not to say that only this layout is perfect, but when you don’t have good ideas for the site layout, the golden section is the safest option


, a structure of

the earliest that golden ratio should be in the junior middle school mathematics textbooks, then learn to understand plant, architecture, animal figures, painting, photography, etc. have used the golden ratio. When reached (V 5-1) /2 = 0.618 the proportion of time, many things will become better, the beauty of art is born! If Shanghai Longfeng have golden ratio, will cause the search engine optimization industry disruptive change

in Shanghai Longfeng site optimization for a year and a half, more than once asked how to do Shanghai Longfeng perfect? How to make Shanghai dragon and page layout design perfectly? How to do the integration of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and user experience design perfect? I also from the deep analysis of "Shanghai dragon thinking: riding a boat behind" determined ", and CHAMC, Shanghai dragon" never stop learning. Then there is the beginning of this hypothesis, we imagine that if Shanghai Longfeng golden ratio is true, then the site optimization personnel how to do? And Shanghai Longfeng following three proposals:

explanation: the golden section also known as the golden rule, refers to things between the parts of a mathematical proportion is larger and smaller overall One divides into two., part of the whole and the part with the ratio is equal to the ratio of the ratio is 1: 0.618 or 1.618: 1, which is 0.618 of the whole length. The 0.618 is recognized as the most aesthetic figure. The proportion is the most able to arouse people’s aesthetic proportion, and is therefore called the golden section.

Shanghai dragon consultants do not understand the design, but love the beauty of the design. When you see to enjoy some excellent site as a work of art. Shanghai dragon consultants think has a great relationship with the golden ratio of popular beauty Venus, of course, Monalisa’s face, the sun god statue of Appollo have used the golden ratio layout. We all love beauty, because can bring purification


the need to consider the fine. Keywords (such as the core keywords and long tail word) layout and distribution, and the ratio of the original content reproduced. Shanghai dragon blog in "how to do" on the original article plagiarism mentioned there is a certain relationship between the original article and the article reproduced the proportion and the size of the site, if you follow the golden ratio will be more harmonious? In addition to the key distribution problem, and the core of the long tail word word should be "

Why is Shanghai dragon entertainment instead of pure technology, how to look at the Tmall installmen

here I have a few questions to explain. Some time ago my site is down right, but this is the right down who said that, I think the people in the Links unilaterally, because through the site my home is not the first, ranking began to fall. Site is down right in the first place? I don’t explain this problem, a lot of people have been discussed, I do not think. But the rankings fall down, because the site made a rectification.

some time ago with a friend talked about the Shanghai dragon live, a friend said to me, as you live this technology, firmly, technology will be easier. I was thinking for a while, I told him: the spread of the Internet in Shanghai dragon is pure technical, but there are more senior people think that if the Shanghai dragon as a purely technical, so do not go long, what is Shanghai dragon? I was summed up, Shanghai dragon = thinking + technology + entertainment. Why?


here, have to say a kind of inspiration once three big things to bring us the Shanghai dragon. When the Shanghai dragon is regarded as a pure technical live time, I don’t know if this can do long, benefit is much, because I have not tried. But as the mainstream trend, Shanghai dragon was identified as the enterprise SEM which is a terminal. The network part of the sound, is just a part of the site of Shanghai Longfeng department. The entertainment in the end will bring much benefit to Shanghai dragon.

When Tmall

do not know if you have noticed some time ago Tmall stage of this thing. The original mighty momentum of the Tmall platform, but why crazy promotion, a variety of means? Small apple and tell us what a truth. What is it about 94 years red Le

in installment purchase, perhaps most people learned through advertising, in addition to a small number of people are from their own to buy, and then a small part is from being invited in to. Small article not only, is invited. But the overwhelming articles, promotion, advertising, I also find that, as long as by Tmall in the 360 installment purchase of any article, love Shanghai experience of any article, love Shanghai know how to get all through the (now of course if only the chain is not much, but the answer is still a little promotion the pass rate of 100%,), I do not under 20, all through the next, my contribution in various forums, Phoenix and other large sites, blogs, tested, with two in the chain, all the time through. From here, I get a conclusion: the big event to do outside the chain, the success rate is very high, and can obtain a large number of hits, the article was reproduced, at least not sink. I think, if the use of such articles to do their own site article or Shanghai dragon, the effect is certainly not bad, although the correlation is not strong, but as long as the reference is proper, can bring entertainment and value of the article, see how you use.

small apple gave Shanghai dragon brought what inspired? When there are little apple. "

Over the past eight months the site optimization failure experience

eight months ago, I what all can’t, accidentally entered a Shanghai dragon service company internship, holding one thousand dollars a month called internship wage subsidies, for four months, the result was also dragged on for a month’s wages, the boss refused to give, this is also the reason finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled! Choose to leave the company, mainly because I felt no future, no future again like that, even, is important because no money to eat to become the legend of the hungry ghost didn’t die, eyes closed, another point is to feel a little strength, through my efforts many words are arranged to love Shanghai and Google the first page of the position, so I could not resist the impulse, decided to get rid of the company began to rash and too much in haste back to Beijing, secretly teeth, must be in Shanghai dragon industry to blaze a new trail.

went through this thing I have learned, I was extremely clever IQ saved me I > extremely clever.

is of course to interview Shanghai dragon Er, the company at the time of the interviewer directly out of a rotten dregs of the site for 5 years did not go off one of the words, I looked at my home title, like seven keywords Sanlitun dung hill, also a few months before the snapshot, with people outside the chain of spurting, love is all that the Shanghai advertising according to come over, the number is more than 50000, not what the difference with the garbage, so I determined to put forward to change the title, and the article, strengthen the construction of the chain of diversity, the results do not know why, some perfunctory words will I go


thought I was a famous Shanghai dragon Er workers, but after several interviews, my heart burning heat and passion by the interviewer with buckets of cold water poured out, fortunately my mind there is a small fire extinguishing seedlings has been struggling in the and not on the brink of destruction, finally still insist on down, in fact I insisted on, later in the interview, a Shanghai dragon er an enterprise called me to him to do outside the chain of the Commissioner’s job, and has repeatedly claimed that, as long as I want to learn, I can learn my he any want to learn Shanghai dragon and network marketing knowledge, then my heart will burn small flames of a Flaming Mountains, the whole people like playing chicken with the same ten kilograms, smiling teeth scattered on the ground, after the work that is quite Put it, every day the hair of the chain, you have put yourself into the whole robot! As for the internal structure of what website how to layout and network marketing. The " a man of "I did not mention. Every good not to find a problem to ask me that "somebody", he would hit me, say what you will do this, what Shanghai dragon? How long, are not so simple! So I over and over again to endure, always the other day I could decisively leave. Of course, there is absolutely no complain that the two companies mean, just feel so long just learned a few things, it is unworthy of your own soul! Unworthy of your youth!

How to make all kinds of false original article disguising

Not going to write an article to avoid

: the first news articles. Often in the major large-scale portal site, see the same news, but we are not the same, each article has a point of view of its own, particularly controversial nature of some articles, website editors are starting to write the article from the perspective of their own. If you want to join in the fun, to write such a pseudo original, these articles are collected over, look at the others standing in what kind of perspective to see the news, to the original you must also have their own point of view, can also summed up the views of others, are mentioned in your article, so you a evaluation of the opinions of others people, this seems to be the original article, but it is a real pseudo original. In order to pseudo original news articles or simple, have their own point of view, and then to elaborate on it.

tutorial articles again. The tutorial class of the article, the basic model is illustrated, about the use of a tool, this article to pseudo original may not be so simple, after all, a tool usage is dead there. If you want to go to the pseudo original, best is to use this tool, and then use their own language expressions, with pictures of others, so you have to save a screenshot, I believe your words, the original expression and the others are different, the tutorial class is really step, as long as the steps clear on it, you don’t need to add.

: the second experience. Now independent blog more and more fire, the webmaster can open a separate blog for yourself, write some of their own experience, some of their own establishment process and method. If you want to false original articles like this, you must first have their own experience with the others, the important information in the article into their own, the paragraphs adjustment, experience of articles, it is best to add their own experience in the detailed process, perhaps in the station you and others have encountered the same problem, but you use different methods, the modified method of others, into your own experience, such a pseudo original article and baked.

website optimization, how the quality will affect the quality of the site included, outside the chain, daily maintenance of website owners, the original mentioned may be a headache, really original stuff is really not good writing, some time ago to write the webmaster don’t walk in between the original and pseudo original, and we also said that many of the original method, but it is effective, really do not know, bloggers will not know how to the original, so the pseudo original sometimes bring out the use, for everyone to talk about web site optimization how to write false original.

turned out to be a pseudo original, we certainly have to others to modify the article, how to modify, modify where becomes pseudo original spirit, the webmaster not original, but have a pseudo original skills, to learn different articles for different modification methods to modify a few articles say to everyone:

Xiao Jun the rise of Shanghai Longfeng rank Shanghai Longfeng to quietly.

began to be the focus of the liweihui, better known as the circle, more students but was less sure of the Shanghai dragon training institutions, has been used and the Shanghai dragon WHY, but not recognized and affirmed, the reason I didn’t do more evaluation. This is after the ly second Shanghai dragon page ranking of the site is K, and the technique is similar to ly but less anchor text links before hearing the liweihui requirements of each student and the Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon training to the official forum, so quickly into the home page ranking, and stable for a long for some time, but due to some factors such as multi domain unified jump to the main station and the chain and other factors, caused by K.

recently this time Shanghai dragon ranking can be said to be fast, also let the quiet for a long time Shanghai dragon a circle raged, and a little change of taste as one falls, another rises one after another, the site of a fall in the search engine’s feet, is really a ping Yibo again. The Xiao Jun blog is on Shanghai dragon blog, so the Shanghai dragon’s concern and understanding is necessary, after all, Shanghai dragon is a quick update, constant attention and exploration still have, following through the recent fluctuations and changes in some hot and everyone to share some personal views and experiences.


blogIn fact, my blog is

yesterday began to appear to be right down the phenomenon, also simply write Xiao Jun Shanghai dragon blog appear inexplicable website right down, but after the writing occurred before Xiaohan blog also appeared in this situation, but also said he contacted me last night feather blog is the emergence of this situation, this time let me put this three blog together.

one or two hot Shanghai dragon fought

then K is ly site, because suddenly appeared in the first Shanghai dragon, followed by several times and then picked up the ranking drop, also really let the Shanghai Dragon into a circle of debate, because although criticized but the effect is very good for people, so the site suddenly the fire, perhaps because of this, after a few days to maintain the ranking is also determined by K.

1, Shanghai dragon ranked in the home page. The first ranking to the first page is Xiaohan blog, after all the weight of long time accumulation can also let his blog Shanghai dragon ranking on the home page, but some time ago disappeared from home, and then my blog Shanghai dragon ranking in the home page, maintained three days is also determined to disappear, and feathers according to my blog the observation seems to be in Shanghai after the Dragon ranking also decisive disappeared into the home.


two, a number of Shanghai dragon have been down the right

2, the original keyword ranking disappeared. In addition to >

Analysis of contractual relationship between shlf1314 AdSense and advertising publisherAfter Ma Yun,

look at Ma, is already a sense of pattern to achieve success and win recognition, he founded the lakeside universities is more between himself and the friends of the "taste", a culture of a new generation of entrepreneurs how to better entrepreneurs, from how to avoid mistakes. Its friends mentor team, including Shi Yuzhu, Feng Lun, Liu Chuanzhi, Guo Guangchang, Shen Guojun and other well-known entrepreneurs. Students are also the focus of screening, there is a certain potential for development of entrepreneurs, not limited to whether or not associated with ALI business. It can be said that the relationship between Ma and entrepreneurs basically stays at the level of teaching and learning.

according to the shlf1314 AdSense Online standard terms: "before you sign up for the shlf1314 ADSENSE ONLINE program, be sure to read these terms very carefully and answer frequently asked questions.". Participation in the shlf1314 ADSENSE ONLINE program means that you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms, please do not register or participate in the shlf1314 ADSENSE ONLINE program."

raise strategy conference yesterday in the public equity finance of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong announced the launch of the public record, and will serve as the school located in the public record, and promote public entrepreneurship, the ecological construction of the service platform for entrepreneurs.

in access to relevant data, found that shlf1314 does have the right not to pay for advertising, it is the right source in the registration issued shlf1314 AdSense Online plan hereinafter referred to the "plan" before the shlf1314  reading; AdSense  Online online standard terms https://www.shlf1314/adsense/localized-terms? Hl=zh_CN hereinafter referred to provisions. Therefore, according to the relevant provisions of the standard terms, the shlf1314 and the advertising agency between the contract legal relationship analysis:
1, shlf1314, AdSense, Online standard terms are part of the contract?.

look at the Liu Qiangdong School of public record, announced the day is the financial Jingdong to raise public equity products "host" released on the occasion, the core is the Jingdong in using crowdfunding model to attract entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial initiatives to build one of the ecosystem in which, to a greater extent and their business by the methods of teaching the symbiotic.

hunting cloud network reported on April 1st

had seen the discussion about the shlf1314 AdSense program on the Internet, some people think that only the shlf1314 AdSense policy plan https://www.shlf1314/adsense/policies? Hl=zh_CN hereinafter referred to as "policy belongs to the shlf1314 and publisher agreement between the observed in because the site is the issuing advertisement planning policy. In fact, the content of the plan policy is more inclined to limit the advertising technology and content issued by the publisher, while the standard clause clearly defines the rights and obligations between the shlf1314 and the publisher.

on the surface, as the country’s two largest electricity supplier company founder, Ma and Liu Qiangdong recently put their efforts to support the entrepreneurs of this piece, but this is behind the starting point and the end of life is not the same.

in addition, the Jingdong financial CEO Mr. Chen Shengqiang will serve as executive president of the public record, in the members list, not only Shen Napeng, Xu Xiaoping such investor and entrepreneur "magazine’s Niu Wenwen. Liu Qiangdong in the dark horse race and other platforms after a number of venues, Niu Wenwen also began to "return" for the new Academy advice.

Ma Yun in Hangzhou Lake University DIN also did not fall, the Jingdong Liu Qiangdong announced the establishment of a "public record," in Beijing, quite a lot of North and south to challenge the feeling.

from the above instructions, it is easy to see that the standard terms are the premise of the publisher’s participation in the plan. In other words, only by accepting or agreeing to the standard terms can we register and participate in the plan, which means that the standard clause is the contract between the shlf1314 and the advertising publisher. In fact, there is such provision in the introduction of standard terms: "this agreement between you and shlf1314 Inc is made by shlf1314 AdSense >

shlf1314 for the launch of the shlf1314 AdSense plan, be rather baffling to exist on the web advertisement invalid clicks "as an excuse to deactivate the account, and refused to pay the relevant fee it had heard, but it caused to the network events intensified, but beyond my expectation.

A good grasp of the user experience is completely reversed the site conversion rate

according to the search engine market now, is to love Shanghai as the scope of its users is widely. At present, adjust the frequency of love Shanghai algorithm, somewhat faster. Then, leads to a lot of natural ranking sites, affected by the corresponding. Such as the introduction of pomegranate chain judgment algorithm, the corresponding algorithm, around the user experience as the center of the network, effectively change the current situation. Improve the user experience, for users, is a good thing. So, when the search, to find what they need. Not some information first show of no great importance. Don’t, after all to the user experience, and ignore the website of other factors? Result is obviously impossible. The site is full of a lot of useful information, also need a perfect show. In this case, it can be easier to read.

love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, will undoubtedly hurt some natural ranking website optimization. This adjustment will make the site lost a lot of traffic. Then, resulting in low conversion rate. Let the webmaster relief, 360 in the gradual rise of the websites of 360 search engines in the flow gradually improve. 360 search engines, but also tend to the user experience, allowing users to find useful information. It is effective to pay attention to this point, from various angles were integrated judgment correlation.

frame structure, also is one of the most important one of the key factors. As mentioned above, the content of the show, is the need to site layout. The contents of the article again good, if a bit messy. This will greatly reduce the user to read the patient. Just like reading a, under a piece of content, can not effectively connect. This may seem a bit confusing. Visitors also need to pass on the upper understanding, to identify the next paragraph should be part of effective convergence. Spend some time, and now the Internet search habits is not consistent.

regardless of website marketing, by which way the purpose is the same, which is effective to increase sales. And the website optimization, is a part of belonging to the network marketing. Through a web platform to the corresponding network service. Website optimization, is a natural ranking form, in the search engine optimization.

primary attention to user experience, in line with the current search engine. But other factors related website optimization, take a way to get rid of. That is nothing more than a solitary cast throw, is a risky way. A number of considerations, factors related to the effective integration, promote website optimization better significantly. From: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

Shanghai Longfeng outside chain construction the key breakthrough point

is now more and more people found the soft force on the network, a good soft Wen can be major media websites, and users reprint, you can imagine.

the other day and chat online with a friend, he is doing marketing in a car sales company, he said that he had a recent event: 100 wars ultimate prize car radio and newspaper publicity activities, the activities in the local post, they will want to buy a car from the local family of the blitz the specific form, is the overall cost of a car is set to 100, then let one hundred people buy, finally by lottery, to determine the ultimate ownership of the car, and the remaining 99 were not winning can use the money to buy the cash coupon decoration car or a car, the success of this activity the effect is novelty, sensation is caused by a late effect of a lot of people are aware of this well-known 4S shop, go up, and the flow of people visiting the store is also up, so the success of the movement The two points are: the election of the media, and made a strange sensation of marketing events. In fact, today I said at the start of the purpose of this activity is to express if we do stand should be through formal means to make a station, and quickly gathered popularity.

for Shanghai Longfeng a station, if has the external flow, we first thought is the search engine, it is our first search engine optimization goal, but we should be looking for is a network promotion platform for us, because if you choose the right of network information platform, this platform can not only lead to unexpected the flow, and to optimize the search engine is more effective, for example: now most of the fire site is the Ministry of Railways train tickets online booking sites, their propaganda media are authoritative media, through the media to the traffic pressure, and through access to the increase of train ticket related keywords are basically ranked first in the search engine, it just embodies the suitable media for some enterprise stand free The resource is of course the B2B website propaganda platform, because most people view your information here are your target customers, as can be imagined by these places to browse website, if you do not too much of the time, the user must adhere to high, site weight will rise, it can be said that the site of Shanghai Longfeng is suitable selection of network media is crucial.

The We

chain for most of the webmaster Shanghai dragon has been both love and hate, or spend high investment to buy the chain, or spend a lot of time to sell toil forum, blog and so on all kinds of free resources to Jianwai chain, is there a way to put this work to a higher level that is, let the money, time and labor? Let me give you an example, see if you can get some enlightenment of the construction of the chain:

2, fine soft let you twice

1, the media of the network is very important

Rational treatment of love Shanghai changes every time algorithm

site can meet the needs of users.

Don’t Take

is the same to the search engine, but their thinking will be more careful, not too casual, there are also some commercial factors in it. Like Shanghai will give competitors website down right, noble baby will celebrate a memorial day will suddenly increase included. But this is only the case.

Rich The

Lou loose blog, I will Gesanchaiwu to modify a blog, you see what is not changed, but more time will be based on feedback from users to adjust, such as a few days ago, some people say that your blog title list is too rough looking tired, the second day I have changed the font in fact, as a webmaster you also.

how to deal with every change of

love Shanghai combat sites outside a principle: the fight against low quality sites, provide better information for users, although one may often hurt innocent sites.


has a certain originality or unique value.

love Shanghai hope included this website:


webmaster, love Shanghai, Google changes every time algorithm, the exact terms of their website ranking, should be included in the search engine, will affect the owners of the nerves. There are many people to discuss these issues in the QQ group, the forum. Many webmaster every day to see the site of Shanghai Longfeng data, such as the amount collected, keywords ranking and so on, because of its direct response the weight of you, even the traffic situation. Flow have income, until today, this is the truth".


know why love Shanghai algorithm will change frequently, so the method is solved with. There is a saying that the "status quo", to the normal station, Shanghai is one of love changes may lead to a few key words your site down, but there must be other keywords to rise, after a few months, will form a repeated floating state. The garbage station, it should be prepared before the webmaster station. Now I prepared part of love Shanghai search engine optimization guide, we hope to be useful.

Why change

website information, web page text can clearly and accurately express to convey the contents.

long ago, I would like to open a special column, every change record search engine, for Adsense reference. In the experiment several times: love Shanghai, Google almost every change in the algorithm, the site is nothing more than a snapshot of a file, SITE home and so on, and you can use the basic content of the record "identical" to replace, so give up. The final conclusion, although the discussion not result but this kind of problem for discussion, not suitable for release in the form.

do not create content for search engine.

Answer new forever right down the website how to save the problem

more than two friends also according to their own experiences and answer, which has experienced a little more, the former may also just learning Shanghai dragon who came right and what is not a bad thing, in the Shanghai dragon industry mix, if not through the website right down, do not experience the net station is K, how do you learn more experience knowledge, treatment sites do not be right down his own not to care down the right, not by the K website won’t understand website by K solution, the website drop right is undoubtedly in let us summarize the experience and methods so you should first and then go to the root of the right mentality of thinking

1, website article whether plagiarism or false original quality

forever answer


1, a friend said: no what measures, continue to update, the right to check the Links have illegal phenomenon


friends doubt: now do stand for two months. Ranked second has been over a week. Yesterday suddenly no ranking, I have a little thought the problem did not care, but a look at today is not restored, I began to worry, then I only have no keywords ranking, but I know that is not K off. Can be in the form of 贵族宝贝 check to the home page, in the form of site also find. This will determine the right to be reduced. Who can tell me right down the treatment method? I do not know how to give me the right. Just a little bit out of income drop right. Although not much, but this is my work on the two month results! Willing to help me look for hope, help me analyze! Tell me the way of dealing with, I thanked here.


site is down right

Shanghai dragon has become many people’s money online, the operator can not avoid difficulties, Shanghai Longfeng work is not once and for all, no effort and execution of their own is not a perfect job, you have the right of the site is down how to do if this problem is not to solve the "you will stay forever as hard on this issue, the problems encountered and actively asked, actively looking for answers, the answer is not only your wealth of knowledge, but also your experience, Shanghai dragon money online is very easy to say you work! You say very difficult it is because you don’t get the

drop right solution

2, there is such a friend to answer his question: a lot of people will say, don’t be afraid. Sustainable development for the original articles and hair even! If I were you, I would plan. For the two weeks of observation, continue to send original quality articles and high quality the chain. If not, immediately change the domain name. To avoid wasting space.

search right down

! method!Why would

two months of standing still belongs to new stage, the ranking is not stable is normal, right down your illegal search engine ranking rules, please calm down to think about their own website update

Shanghai dragon laugh to the end will become chicken ribs left for the king


"I like the chicken ribs, tasteless, abandon shed", a hope to achieve "Wangzhuan dream" Friends of the A5 station network of Shanghai dragon team guest website by Taobao (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) leader Tang Shijun said: "I suspect Shanghai dragon


can do for you?"

because with the development of network marketing, the current "content is king, the chain for the emperor" as the foundation, user oriented Shanghai dragon has become the foundation of all the essence of imperceptibly in network marketing – this is the biggest difficulty Shanghai dragon, if you have a solid grasp of how to better integrate "being written off the contents of the core, always grasp the needs of potential users in the first time, so what you get is not only out of the ordinary industry original content, and you will easily find the unusual and extraordinary promotion methods, easily overcome such as" how to send the chain "promotion problem because everything is content marketing promotion after all.

"chicken ribs" stories vividly described the natural human ambivalence — although "tasteless", but even so, the "chicken ribs" is still "chicken" ah, how can throw to throw

but as the network marketing is the most effective way to promote Shanghai dragon anyone do not dare to give up, so we feel "tasteless" at the same time, and feel the gesture, in a contradictory psychology.

ZAC in response to the question "how Taobao webmaster guest website Shanghai dragon" said: "the Taobao product content took >

short, "I wonder if you could do about Shanghai dragon" is not a lack of evidence to support. But from another perspective, this just means that Shanghai dragon positioning positioning is not clear even website operation — especially for those involved in Shanghai Longfeng for only a few months for friends, most people thought they completely blinded by the "Shanghai dragon able to perform wonders" propaganda.

now Shanghai dragon for more Shanghai dragon ER, is really "tasteless, abandon do not abandon the" chicken ribs "- Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, not only love Shanghai and other search engines frequently change algorithm, and the search engine exposure space more and more small to Shanghai dragon, too more and more unstable," Shanghai dragon death "prophecy appeared frequently; while Shanghai dragon has become increasingly fierce competition, Shanghai dragon effect is not obvious, even no effect, so that more and more Shanghai Longfeng ER who feel tasteless".

in fact, although the keyword ranking as the main feature of the Shanghai dragon competition, but if we get out of misunderstanding of "Shanghai dragon is the keyword ranking", we will find that the master of Shanghai dragon basic skills for the future of our network marketing is of great benefit.

Shanghai Longfeng website data analysis should focus on several aspects

this is for our own websites, need long-term follow-up of some Shanghai Longfeng data. For example, included, especially the analysis of the characteristics of the directory, key column tracking; such as the chain, need of quantity and quality, and distribution were analyzed and summarized. To know the website optimization effect, or find a website problem.


through the analysis of some basic data on Shanghai Longfeng rivals, such as other included in the site, the chain number, the number of keywords and ranking and so on, can understand the competition website of Shanghai dragon. At this time, then through the contrast with their own website, you can find some competitors are doing better than us, we can learn from, or what we are doing better, to continue to maintain.


site traffic analysis in addition to our daily attention PV, IP and some other basic indicators, also should pay attention to down road, surveyed the page, so you can also know Shanghai Longfeng work. In addition, should also consider how to through the analysis of the data obtained some valuable information. For example, on page views of two common examples as follows:


4, web log analysis

website data analysis includes many aspects, in addition to the above listed flow analysis, log analysis, keyword analysis, and many other aspects, this is not a list, here are some key aspects of Shanghai dragon.

page views and >

need on a regular basis web site keywords ranking, quantity, efficiency, conversion rate and other aspects of tracking and analysis, through the analysis to determine whether the replacement of certain keywords, or reconsider keywords layout. For example, some keywords lined up in front of a few, but still can not bring much traffic, or bring traffic are not relevant, and this is the time to go to study the key words.

site data is Shanghai dragon an important part of the work, such as through traffic analysis will know the web site of the Shanghai dragon, want to know the spider on the site to grab Web log analysis, want to know the keywords have the effect to the performance analysis of key words and so on. Through the website data analysis we can know the work effect, also can let us find the web site problems.

1, competitor analysis

2, Shanghai dragon basic data

through the web log analysis can understand the health condition and the spider crawling the web site, for example, through the analysis found that some spiders crawl log directory, if a key directory has not the spider to grab it, then to analysis whether it is within the site chain is connected with a problem, lead to the spider can not crawl.




traffic analysis Analysis of

SEM is not a great scourges Shanghai dragon ER paid attention please

some time ago I and a friend of Shanghai Longfeng debated for a long time, because I was in love now in Shanghai for promotion, he jokes and I said I was a "Shanghai dragon rebellion", in order to save the Shanghai dragon a generalized cost is, how can I put take the Shanghai dragon do not go to Shanghai instead of love money? In fact, believe that this idea of the Shanghai dragon ER is certainly not unusual, especially just contact Shanghai Longfeng not long. At least, I also began to have such ideas..

for example to illustrate. For example, I now engaged in the bottled water industry, the industry keywords are not too popular keywords, so relatively speaking these words do optimization is also easier, with some conventional methods can still make keyword ranking in a short period of time. But then a short time is the need for a month, if the new station that needs longer time. Also, before Shanghai dragon has now become very popular, the industry will not lack of Shanghai Longfeng professionals, want to obtain stable home ideal position in the ranking, even if it is not popular keywords also need long-term care to pay a lot of effort. Now what the competition is fierce, if you don’t progress means you in the back, Shanghai dragon is the same. But a person’s energy is limited, you can do ability to highlight five or six main keywords, ten or twenty long tail keywords in the top three, as far as I know to be able to achieve such results in Shanghai dragon ER is already very good Shanghai dragon ER, even if is the key point of the popular words. For me this technology is not so high in Shanghai dragon ER, to achieve such a result is that it takes a long time to. Well, such a problem comes. Our enterprises are small, there is no special Shanghai dragon ER team, I am a person alone in melee, to achieve the effect of said before every day watching the site, time and cost, so that my salary is Shanghai dragon cost? Some people say, the more people effective team combat effect, quick. Yes, really fast, but you need to pay several times the salary to do, and do not specialize in Shanghai Longfeng outsourcing company, please so many employees to do Shanghai Longfeng, website rankings, stable and do not need so many people.

is actually not so?

then I began to think, why have such ideas? It boils down to two words "cost" or "cost". A few years ago, Shanghai dragon began to become popular on the network, resulting in a series of comments in the network oriented: want to bite on the cake, do the most affordable Shanghai dragon. Why? Because many people misunderstand the Google " Shanghai dragon is free". Shanghai dragon is free, so there are better than this marketing tool? So a time Shanghai dragon become hot. The bid to promote a kind of SEM means by some Shanghai dragon ER as "wolf tiger".

Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect of four point technology of website construction

says, in the website promotion before your website is to do well in the station optimization, internal link optimization. In the dream weaving program, dream content template of each line of code will have his anchor text, so the search engine in the understanding of code case by text description we can know this website put a string of code meaning. But the anchor text information of site in the optimization of the time as far as possible reasonable layout, concise text, it is best not to do keyword stuffing. This hidden keyword stuffing behavior in the short time can help us improve the amount collected and ranking, but it is also the most annoying > search engine

included: the ratio of

engines One of the effects of

three: website internal link optimization

two: snapshot update date

as a novice webmaster, at the beginning of our work is very passionate, but when we do for a long time, feel the site did not progress, we estimate will be frustrated, in fact I have just experienced such periods. We do so in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme and the promotion of the time should pay attention to those requirements or search engine algorithm. The following is my according to their own experience and the experience of God online you wrote an article about the influence of the search engine included elements of the article, hoping for a power station with same and I have lost myself.

said that if the snapshot is updated every day to our website every day will be like Shanghai included, this is a great thing, but most of the sites are 1-3 days will be updated once, this is a normal phenomenon. And we through updated snapshot, can understand the search engine attention to our website. Then the search engine snapshot update slow, not normal, in addition to the content of your site is updated every day for this reason, another reason is that your website weight is relatively low. The weight of the low, web search engine for your attention degree is not so high. This time you have to do is in the premise of the daily update high quality content to improve page weight. Such as Links (find and their site, the best weight than their own), the chain (the chain of garbage even).

The influence of

first, a good website to have a stable server and innocent domain, and an optimization scheme of Shanghai Longfeng good program. There were not enough, the most important thing is to have content. Since love Shanghai change included algorithm, "content is king" this principle is paid more and more attention, so webmaster will pay more attention to this problem. I am here to teach you a good way, site algorithm we all know, every record yourself updated a few items, then second days site yesterday included a few, and then use the update number than the number included, look at the value of how high. If it is found that the collection is very low, it means we update the quality of the content is indeed not very high, then you have to do the work of original content.

Shanghai Longfeng for what

What is the

is a website to have a good user experience:

Shanghai dragon? Chinese translation of Shanghai dragon as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. What is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai Longfeng objective understanding is: to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings. These days I have been in a tangle, we do Shanghai dragon for what? With this confusion, I love to Shanghai about Shanghai Longfeng, looking forward to be able to find the answer.

heard from Shanghai that day dragon, I will always remember the four words, that is: "user experience", presumably the word who is engaged in Shanghai dragon are not unfamiliar, so the user experience is how one thing, love Shanghai is given to explain this, the user experience is a pure subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. So, that is to say, we should pay more attention to the Shanghai dragon, is the user experience.


Shanghai, for what? For this problem, I feel very good answer, because before the Shanghai dragon, must first make the user experience that, if a site user experience is very bad, so, this site do Shanghai dragon was also is a waste of manpower, material and time.

with love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, we do these Shanghai Longfeng situation can be described as more and more awkward, with a few words roughly summed up yourself, that is the hair of the chain, pseudo original, copy, Spammer, bitter, so when someone asks me what time engaged in the work, I will no longer be proud to say: "I do Shanghai dragon", I only smiled: "Oh, I do website promotion." Perhaps that did not seem very own ability or root pressure is enough capacity, but at least I can feel more real, the heart will ease a lot.


Shanghai Longfeng for what:

user experience, it sounds like a rain fog feeling, before listening to the lecturer about Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix, emphasize the website, must good user experience. It is not a web site to do a gorgeous appearance, beautiful pictures to a point, that is a good user experience? The answer is negative, what is a good user experience, I have always felt that no matter what you do, you have to stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, you imagine yourself as a user, so ask yourself: "if I do change, I will choose the site service?", but sometimes, when you are in the position of the user, many problems are exposed, and then sum up your see the problem, and to solve it, you naturally will improve the user experience of the site.