Yi use love to do network promotion experience to share the experience of Shanghai


two, love the experience of Shanghai audit difficulty is not great, so long as we do experience and site has correlation, is given by the. Here, we may not know how to obtain the chain, Shanghai and Shanghai love love experience similar to Wikipedia, there is a reference section, our main chain also placed here, we released before the experience in, we need to put these content uploaded to their website or blog, then copy the link to reference at.

love Shanghai experience outside the chain: read more

The reasons about the supplement and thinking of medical website Google traffic over love Shanghai

from the two figure is not difficult to see, Google search traffic from Shanghai to catch up, rather than love gradually overtake until now more than 3 times more than the love of Shanghai, in the 4 months before this is not, although it may have been due to the optimization of the site before, and now because of the company the loss of personnel, plus a small, resulting in optimization, management is lack of a certain relationship (update remains unchanged), but it can be a pure natural site attitude to illustrate some of the problems. read more

Love Shanghai to identify the sites of original articles is purely nonsense

is a screenshot of the love of Shanghai. You can also put Google in a look inside, the other is the website content is given, so why. This is the website of weight problems. Zhuge Nobel blog this website just six months time, do not have too much to release the high quality of the chain. So had the same title content can only be accepted without understanding. But love Shanghai and Google is not the same. Basically this standard >

love for Shanghai website original article recognition, will give a higher ranking, the same title, the original article is not the same as not in Shanghai love home. I love Shanghai updated many spoken keywords ranking algorithm, adjustment and so on are illusory, is always zero update, this is not alarmist Weakness lends wings to rumours. The update is said to not knowledgeable friends listen to. Like those already released mobile phone software. Basically every day, and did not see the really big changes…… Believe in love do not believe that the update algorithm of search engine, web site keywords ranking to change the status quo, Tai Chi with ease…… read more

YouDay announcement on compensation for platform failures in October 23rd!Old godmother sold about 4

Allen Lin explained: "not to want to start, on the market, but the first re-election sauce; hot sauce, we choose entrepreneurship."

Allen Lin said that his early years in Guangzhou or poor, often follow others rubbing, eating, rubbing, drink, the old man to see his poor, do not pay money to buy food, he preach a fried sauce. Stir fry the lobster, chili, onion and garlic

Three sections of "

      the value of compensation formula:
      pm0:00-pm9:00 normal 1 days accounted for about 18% of the total
      considering the platform failure is 22 days at 23:24 so as to compensate for the read more

How to use the QQ (Tencent) micro-blog ranked Shanghai sex.

I come back to The process above is my micro-blog

why write this article entitled "how to use QQ today (Tencent) micro-blog ranked Shanghai sex" article? Because I started testing with micro-blog ranking in December 3rd, unfortunately I failed, only lasted only 8 hours or so, I don’t know how long the. The keywords are: Dongying Shanghai dragon

      December 7th morning search ranking results disappear!

12 5 I travel, where the path my friends, the way to use his computer to search the "Dongying Shanghai dragon", I was delighted to find that my micro-blog has been included, and the ranking has to page second. read more

Peace webmaster analysis of stationmaster net weight change and snapshot abnormal problems

snapshot site keywords

has a point, is a snapshot of the problem, I personally think that the snapshot is divided into 3 categories,


the last peace stationmaster net is how to increase the weight, now have to discuss major issues under my website recently appeared

! !

my site is updated every day before. "

third: space stability, remember from 10 yuan to 30 yuan, the space, and then to VPS, because of the need to record, so buy VPS in Hongkong, has now replaced the country free record server, the money spent is soaring, but with a friend flat-share, feeling less pressure Oh, read more

In 2014, China’s ten largest small and beautiful O2O classic caseThe next three years, A shares regu

first talk about A stock IPO toss history.

case 1 aunt help: a man led a bunch of aunt "self subversion" housekeeping O2O

achieved great development of mobile Internet, O2O is booming and gradually formed a year, O2O field of "financing continuously, Demons and monsters danced like mad.": new venture stage. Standing on the tuyere, a batch of O2O practitioners boarded their historical stage. 2014, this year, more and more industries are involved in O2O, education, O2O, medical O2O, beauty O2O, home economics, O2O, automotive services, O2O… Market development and business trends make O2O inevitable. read more

Shanghai dragon dance training a case analysis of actual website home page by K analysis

this case caused by "K" and home pages included are still relatively easy to understand, it is recommended first page generating static, and then find the space business negotiation, to ensure stability in exchange for dynamic page space. This space is not stable due to the main effect on the site is the home page of the inside pages of keywords ranking, ranking should not affect what domain name index still without WWW, enough to illustrate this point. Another problem is that the site do not do 404 and "K" has nothing to do 404 pages just to guide the user is convenient, as long as the server status code returned for reptile > read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis on Taobao Shanghai Longfeng choice is more important than hard work

as I get off in the first half of the resignation of the time at home on the Internet as long as Taobao, initially thought to get Everfount shops, business will come, but when you really get their own shops, but found that is not the case, the store did not get no credit business and how? Finally, or only watched a month, two months after the time is still not business, believe you will sit still, would like me to return to work, find a month salary to practical work.

since Taobao Shanghai dragon has a huge market, so, why don’t we seize the opportunity now, look good? Everyone knows Taobao Shanghai dragon, is not your thing, at this time, no action when? Perhaps, you will say that they have no source, no know the online shop to sell some what, in fact, in my opinion this is secondary, if you really want to shop online, the supply will naturally come, many times, we just think about, but no real action, this is what we will say that they did not open shop, is because you don’t like the supply of goods, which is an excuse for yourself, not what people do, there is always a reason, what is the reason. read more

The anchor text from pure text links Era

how to build a blog

NO2: what kind of forum for pure text links

NO1: pure text links

blog is the most common form of the chain, the use of third party blog platform most is Sina blog, previously registered Sina blog, publish articles can be included with the anchor text link. Now with the anchor text articles is difficult to be included, even if the domain name is not easy to be linked with love in Shanghai included, not only that other blog platforms are so, and a two level domain name blog can not be released too much with pure text posts. That is to say love Shanghai on the chain now flooding the site or blog drop right, recently in the A5 Adsense online submission cannot take the anchor text links, there are too many outbound links is certainly more dangerous for a site, especially the link anchor text. In addition to implant in the post text link, the blog title and description information can also be set in plain text, we do not recommend or junk blog. There is no benefit to the website. read more

Personal Webmaster Station fun personal website optimization skills

2, selection of station program

This new

domain name, space, copyright, registration, etc. These completed (if for the above four aspects, suggest that you do not understand, love under the sea, individual owners should start from Shanghai in search of love. ) we had to choose the site selection of the program. The following is my personal understanding, the text of the website. With the dream weaving system is better, the template also, for their freedom of choice. The blog program more convenient to use, you need to choose according to their own love. read more

Shanghai Longfeng blame website not blindly spamming

Shanghai dragon circles a master said: "do not worry about the Shanghai dragon program, we can use the open source code Never mind; do not understand, we can find the manual." Shanghai dragon seems to have no threshold, a lot of people swarmed into the flood! Take a variety of courses and lectures, in the end still confused! I think it’s very important that the nature of these people are still not clear Shanghai dragon. Don’t know what you want, do not know how to use the Shanghai dragon enterprise. A lot of enterprises that make a website set up several keywords, send the chain is Shanghai dragon, even the most important site of the products, are bluffed. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er also overlooked the website is the basis of Shanghai dragon, but while shouting why my website ranking is so good, or not to consult customers. Or blindly into the study of Shanghai Dragon technology, analysis of competitors constantly, constantly beyond the chain number of competitors, each corner of the site with keywords, anchor text, daily updated news; Web site keywords ranking, while ignoring the importance of the website content. Product description. I think whether individuals or enterprises are Shanghai dragon has two levels: read more

Have some tips to make Links exchange multiplier

two, Links platform to publish their own link

related websites

, joined the Links group

Links effect can enhance the site’s overall weight and keywords ranking, whether new or old station site has a ring, there are almost Links this section, now some Shanghai Longfeng Er think Links better is a more difficult to fix things, because this is a "benefit" the transaction, everyone is selfish, hope that with their own exchange sites than their own good, how many times it is just because of the speed of the snapshot, the level of PR, included and lost an opportunity for cooperation, so the day when there is also change to a link, both spent a lot of time and cost a lot of energy, it is very worth. read more

Collection sites to our warnings

collection website:

is included with a reduced anti chain, also love Shanghai weight dropped from 2 to 1, a large number of keywords ranking Not the least trace was found., but Misfortune may be an actual blessing., the author from the analysis found a website after optimization way. 1 is the site of YISHION acquisition can not form survival, this site no sense; the 2 is the pseudo original cannot be put into a paragraph, to the way of pseudo original. With such as pseudo original original collection with combination of form, at least this article and readability. This article from the original Shenzhen website 贵族宝贝zijiren.net, reproduced please keep the source. read more

About Lee love Shanghai site outside the chain of judgment views

?The chain of

with large proportion before the chain, the chain signature effect is quite big, many webmaster friends love to go crazy dingtie forum. Since the beginning of last year, the signature has become very small, believe that many webmaster have felt. Love Shanghai in this notice that mass increase is cheating, then what is the mass specific definition of the problem we don’t know?. Love Shanghai official also pointed out that the BBS signature chain belongs to the garbage chain, and the chain for garbage only do the chain is invalid, and will not have a negative impact on the website. read more

Fine natural search optimization performance index

2. chain

in the process of promotion website, search engine optimization is an important point, most of the industry from the natural search traffic is very large, because of this, the general enterprise from time to time on the website of the natural search for a KPI assessment, and these key indicators from web traffic included the number, site (IP), the number of keywords, website PV, the number of the chain, this is indeed an important indicator of natural search optimization, these values directly reflects the performance of a website in search engine. read more

Are you happy please input the key word please enter the keyword index analysis

and I think, what is the meaning of the keyword search? "Please input the key word" in the end is what you want to see.

Since human beings have

this is an amazing time, creating a magical search engine, also created a generation of human magic. On the Internet at any time can have an unexpected surprise, just a surprise often, particularly this year. 2012 words is an apocalyptic year, blunt this rumor, all the people in the world are suddenly awakened, all what, all the clouds, all her talent, have emerged. And especially the Internet world, it is the birth of raging like a storm. Mobile phone IPAD flying all over the sky, the ground, apple take the old Joe, the paint is also normal. 2012 so amazing, the title is nonsense, but not without reason, because the author is the author. 2012 are you happy? I tell you where the name Xing Liu. In the face of love and happiness to you in Shanghai? Answer: Please input the key word read more

To create more outside the chain of Shanghai dragon brothers

my answer, or to send outside the chain, but must be clear what is outside the chain, to clear the purpose to let the hair of the chain, the chain increased with the increase of real and natural, which is consistent with the development of the search engine, otherwise easily lead to a power loss effort, or less effective, so we must understand.


second, love Shanghai library, Douding network, road passenger Baba, is also a good place for a good document upload, of course, the premise is your account must not send so much advertising or the chain article, otherwise, it is difficult to pass. read more

To change the title from the website ranking process

had a website is to change the title, one of the title, header information change, snapshot full stop for 20 days, and slow to ranking. It is recommended that you change the title at best not to go to war, unless you have the patience to wait. This time I according to their own needs, the original content as a part of the site is not to move him, I want to be in the original site is now used for cosmetics information, add makeup tutorial.

, head of the title information more suitable for small

my site trial in prior information related to the former 2, 3 pages, and the snapshot is updated every day, basically the next day included. In considering whether to change the title is really struggling for a while. But the route for lasting development, even temporarily reducing power is necessary. On the other hand, although I change the title, but I changed is the same industry, so let me have more confidence to operate. read more

What do Shanghai dragon is the advertising or demand

traffic come from? Open love Shanghai, one looked eyeful is advertising. Here is a very simple example. Excavator or piling machine what we all know, belongs to the popular industry index is not high. So I want to ask you, there are 100 IP search for these two words, then how many of them are the people who want to buy? Perhaps a lot of people have not thought, here can tell you, there is the impulse to buy at most a person, then the most plus one are entangled in there is no need to buy this idea the people, then the other 98 is why search for these two words? Demand is various, but eventually, I think it must be ran excavator or what is piling machine, what is the function of high efficiency is not high and the. read more