Novice how to operate tea shop

tea culture in our country for thousands of years, in the new century has also been a lot of people’s favorite. And tea has a unique effect on human health, investment in tea projects, both the heritage of culture, but also a good business. So the tea shop should be how to operate?

distribution of Chinese tea area, the variety of tea, tea, Sheng essence, called the world.   with the progress of human civilization, people’s pace of life accelerated, tea on human health and the unique role of cultural values are further revealed and sublimated. Tea has been the people of the world as a health care Kangle, social networking, purification of the soul, the spread of cultural ties. read more

Chain restaurant dishes how to promote

no matter what you do, can not be separated from sales, sales can not be separated from the promotion of the means, let us know the following, the chain restaurant dishes how to promote? Hope to be able to help you in your business.

dishes to be constantly new, but after a launch dishes what price, let the guests pay many cheerful strategies, is a mystery, some extre mely subtle, perhaps only to know the moon. Today, the hotel is mostly to the kitchen dishes pricing, therefore, we visited many large and small restaurant chef, and will be the way to sort out, then to readers. read more

Jilin University was selected as the first batch of national practice and education innovation and e

now has a lot of universities and some of the enterprises in the community to promote entrepreneurial activities, especially now many domestic universities are also set up a lot of entrepreneurial base to promote entrepreneurship.

read more

Know this copy of minutes for party a worship service

good copy, the key in the leadership."

I believe this sentence has become a lot of people’s inner monologue.

because of this, many people have already exhausted the only copy in countless times in revising, have prepared qiantouming, although I do not know where the Ming, do not copy it anyway.

the rest of the people on the

‘s beliefs and words of obsession, and Party A to deal with, and the design of tear force. After all, the way you choose, if not quickly forward, somehow too small step walking. read more

Sources said the second hand Taobao business idle fish will split independent operating valuation ov

[TechWeb] November 25th news reports, sources told TechWeb that Taobao’s idle trading community free fish will be split, set up a special division of independent operation, and follow the "rookie division" mode introduced Ali outside investment.

news that Taobao used the business idle fish will split the independent operating valuation over $3 billion

the source said that at present a number of domestic and foreign venture capital fund has been to Ali Park in Xixi, the relevant matters in the negotiations, the introduction of foreign investment on the incident, a number of investment funds, including Sequoia Capital, IDG Chinese expressed investment intention. read more

Small cosmetics L’OREAL beauty fashion articles for newly weds.

L’OREAL hand in hand also small cosmetics

authorized the development of e-commerce, the game is the full channel or powerful combination of


well-known cosmetics brand, has always been the traditional super king counter channel. The day before the Paris L’OREAL official small cosmetics open electronic commerce.

in order to repay the love and support of the vast number of consumers, Paris L’OREAL will work together to launch a small series of cosmetics in the summer, autumn beauty special activities. Then, in addition to the 2014 Summer Blockbuster beauty cosmetics will also be new flagship store on sale in addition to Paris, L’OREAL will also be in the small cosmetics sale platform launched nearly 20 when the season is the best selling beauty products, to meet the demand for the vast number of consumers exuberant skin, cosmetics etc.. read more

Chinese Internet hacker survival money Empire hero in close-up and bandits

Abstract: today’s hacker culture has declined." If we say that the first hackers in the pursuit of fun, exploration spirit. Now, more people are looking for more practical names and benefits.

my favorite high IQ crime drama, "suspect" (person of interest) to track the end of this summer, watercress score 9.6 points.

protagonist Finch is a hacker, "911" on the second day, he wrote a program to monitor human behavior, predict terrorist attacks the machine (machine baby), sold to the government for $1 price. read more

9 Zhu Jun yellow croaker car

      I have seen such a story in many places, said a young man riding a yellow croaker in order to contribute to the family car to help others carry goods, 168 yuan for the first time riding freight cars earned, are not being used until today, but he was sealed in a frame.


story itself is not what in particular, to the now famous "entrepreneurial story and nine chairman Zhu Jun together is a lot more magic.

for the first time to pay attention to the "Nine" Chairman Zhu Jun is my "grand" in the service period, the number of online operational at the time of the "miracle" began to fall after a series of growth. At this time, Blizzard Entertainment began selling "World of Warcraft" in China, this is undoubtedly a godsend gave Zhu Jun a chance to turn the tide. Although there are a number of online companies in the proxy for the game, then regardless of the strength or capital are small 9 cities with "sincere" and took the throw the helve after the hatchet demon animal dealership in china. read more

How to promote the exhibition website

in order to better study the exhibition site to promote this topic, this article will be discussed from the following four aspects

"the importance of the exhibition economy"

exhibition site in the exhibition economy status

"exhibition website promotion and other sites to promote the particularity"

exhibition website promotion innovation

exhibition activities as an industry, play a leading role in supporting the whole macro economic system and regional economic system, promote the development of related industries, has become the main representative of the economic competitiveness of the market in China, both as the capital of Beijing, northeast of Dalian, the Yangtze River Estuary of Shanghai, or the south open city of Shenzhen an important commercial port, northwest of Xi’an, the exhibition industry is flourishing, and to the local economy brings limitless business opportunities. The vigorous development of the exhibition economy has led many exhibitions to be held. These exhibitions are not hesitate to promote the network as their preferred platform! read more

How to attract and retain customers in the tourism community

the Internet with the community forum, so many new users are at a loss, I do not know so many Internet users decide on what path to follow, turn to Baidu, Google, even so, the search results are still tens of millions, how to grow slowly in the numerous living beings become a problem, operators have community forums.

Since the

to Kang Sheng as the representative of the open source community growing, large community programs are readily available, this also led to China’s Internet community forum flood situation of uneven business qualification, BBS business has announced the Ministry of industry and information technology special approval requirements, but the operation situation and the actual implementation it is very difficult, moreover, the policy of the Ministry of industry and information technology is the webmaster of criticism. According to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China order of the Ministry of information industry" Document No. third: electronic bulletin board service, refers to the Internet electronic bulletin board, electronic whiteboard, electronic forums, chat rooms, message boards and other forms of interaction provide information release conditions for Internet users behavior. In the Internet information services, to carry out electronic bulletin service, shall be in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government or the telecommunications administrative authorities of the Ministry of information industry for the operation of the Internet information service license or the handling of non operational Internet information service for the record, make a special application or special for the record. read more

Taobao launched a small micro fast mining, to seize the 20 trillion class B procurement needs



network operators in the world by Zhou Lin

C end attributes obvious Taobao, began to try a new direction – cultivate B end user.

following the opening of the enterprise shop, Taobao launched a professional market for enterprises – small and micro fast mining, intends to solve the enterprise in the procurement process of various pain points.

person in charge of their business to the "world network" Qingshi reporter said, the so-called small, for the two groups: one is the small type of small and medium-sized enterprises, the other is a small demand for large companies, the procurement requirements of these two types of organizations in small and micro channel fast mining well comb. read more

Businesses told consumers why double 11 no longer cheap

perhaps, we suddenly found that electricity providers no longer so low. What is changed is synonymous with cheap Taobao? Billion state power network to find a Taobao senior clothing businesses, he reveals the reasons from three aspects.

below is the seller, after the end of the 11 double need to tell consumers, the original:

electricity supplier platform may be less time than most people want to continue short. Slowly, those who enjoy the electricity supplier shopping high quality and low price consumers will find that the electricity supplier and the lower end of the physical store purchase price is very small. read more

Guangzhou 1 billion 400 million play electricity supplier the concept of the concept of low frequenc

electricity supplier project just approved down, has not yet formally established, is currently preparing." August 14th, Guangzhou Iron and steel group electricity supplier preparatory group insiders on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said.

July 31st, Guangzhou Automobile Group announced that the Board considered and adopted the motion on the Guangzhou Automobile Group’s Internet ecosystem project, agreed to the implementation of the GAC automotive Internet Ecosystem project. read more

Advantages and disadvantages of each advertising alliance

1: eight party advertising alliance

As a veteran of the

advertising alliance, there are a lot of fans, first make friends want to put ads may first think of the eight party. Because the eight party code is very attractive, the high click through rate. If you optimize the site is good enough, the eight Party hit rate of 3 is not a problem. Unit price is not the end, points sold to the official 0.0185, but also pay fast. But the experience of the webmaster know the eight party buckle amount, the specific number of how much we do not know. read more

Some novice don’t do the thankless Wangzhuan mode

is a long old Wangzhuan topic, every year there are so many people who brag easily earn millions, every year there are so many people and learning Wangzhuan lead to deception. However, according to the reality of the situation to infer the real through Wangzhuan carefree life of a person is still a minority, and that few people would not often show off, earn hundreds of thousands of people earn mostly selling software or tutorial, easy game like recharge. The author in the network played for so many years, young time wandering to Wangzhuan, hard years almost no money, but now see clearly those who toil live online. What is the toil is you live Wangzhuan? Every day off are not enough to earn living expenses, such fundamental Wangzhuan is a waste of time, not worth to do. The following summary of common network live Wangzhuan toil. read more

The correct plan is the precondition of successful Wangzhuan

this time more and more people want gold in the network, some people with their own efforts to obtain good results, and some people fell dejected, and finally had to leave the industry, in fact successful Wangzhuan cannot do without right at the beginning of the planning, and correct planning, but also need to have some the accumulation of knowledge, such as before joining the industry should accept the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan training, through training you may find Wangzhuan direction, otherwise you do all of this project, the project is doing, the last of which projects are not making money, but also waste a lot of time, are not a good idea to me. Nature will allow you to Wangzhuan so why right greatly disappointed, planning is the precondition of successful Wangzhuan read more

A mother who has the eyes of investors entrepreneurial opportunities

Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Wang Guowei once pointed out that life of the three realm in the "human words": "energy-saving, the tower alone, at Tianya road;" my end is no regrets, the Iraqi people to wave ";" he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person actually in the dim light." In fact, think carefully, investment, entrepreneurship is not the same? When you are looking for a business or investment opportunities and not the clue, please calm down, look around, you will find yourself surrounded by all kinds of opportunities. The following is a mother who has the eyes of investors of entrepreneurial opportunities, inspiration may not bring you the same. read more

Shi Yuzhu people, big big lag behind how to know

Shi Yuzhu said that people are in constant failure to grow, after experiencing the failure of reflection in order to really see things, see yourself. He also said he is now truly "coward". Savvy and hard work is an essential quality of entrepreneurs, with both of which means that more than half of success. The following is an excerpt from Shi Yuzhu interview:

Liu Chuanzhi taught me to work hard

Remember that

is the most difficult in my 1997, when preparing melatonin do, I find Liu Chuanzhi deeply talked once, ask some of his corporate culture. Later, our company’s corporate culture is to absorb a lot of his company. read more